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Lotte Company Korea Work Experience. I was sent to LOTTE MART PHU THO to work at Customer service department

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ABSTRACT As you know, Hoa Sen university is so famous in Viet Nam. Why? Yes, because almost students have a good job immediately after graduated. So why? Others university just teach for student knowledge, they don't give their students a chance to practice, so their students don't have experiences to apply in real life. It's a weakness of educated system in Viet Nam. Hoa Sen university has made good one's shortcomings. By how? Hoa Sen university has given each freshman a chance to practice about 8 weeks in different companies. And I was sent to LOTTE MART PHU THO to work at Customer service department during period times from July 15th to September 1st . I joined in a real working environment and I have to work so hard same as a staff. After the internship, I have a lot of life skills and experiences. Moreover, when I've worked at Lotte mart, my communication skill has been improved completely. I have been taught how to talk? How to look? How to listen?. Specially, my hot temper disappeared TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION OF LOTTE GROUP AND LOTTE MART 5 1. History of Lotte Group 6 2. Global Lotte Mart 11 3. Phu Tho Lotte mart 11 II. FRONT OFFICE (FO) 14 III. ABOUT MYSELF 15 1. My task at FO 15 2. Experiment 16 CONCLUSION 18 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to acknowledge the following people for their support and assistance with this internship . ...read more.


Lotte Data Communication and Lotte.Com were established to create hi-tech business models. Korea Seven, Lotte Logistics, and Lotte Fresh Delica ware established to create a new logistics system and safe foods. Even after the onset of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Lotte did not stop flourishing based on the competitiveness in strategic business cores and solidified financial structure. This could be achieved by selecting businesses where it can excel and focusing all competitive efforts on them. - 1991 Established Lotte Station Building - 1995 Lotte Capital commenced operations - 1996 Lotte Logistics created - 1996 Lotte data Communication Company established - 1999 Lotte Fresh Delica Initiated Exponential frowth (2000s): Concentrating on core capabitities and growing as a world-class business. While the country was still in rubble recovering from the Korean War, Lotte, in the 1960s, began establishing itself as a business pioneer. Since those early years, the Lotte Group has grown into first-rate competitive business entity, formidable in the food, retail, tourism, construction and heavy chemical sectors. Not one to grow complacent, Lotte has begun to implement plans for hi-tech industries, based in its solid financial structure, innovative management system., and strong investments. At the same time, Lotte is also growing as a world-class business with a presence now in China and Russia. But at its core, Lotte is aware of the importance of putting a priority on shareholder values, as it strives to maximize profits through responsible management, profitable operations, and creative responses to changes in the business environment. ...read more.


Beside that, I must explain clearly to customers understand if customers have any questions regarding gifts. > Change VIP membership card: First of all, I need checking customer's code on the temporary membership card was input into the computer or not yet. Then, I type name and code of customer to print VIP membership card for them. And writing the code in Changing VIP membership card's report everyday.If customer have losen their membership card, they must register new card with fee 10.000 vnd. and writing the code in change plastic card's report everyday > Announcement: promotion information, call commodity's person, find relatives for customer. When I'm announcing I need to strict, speak clearly and avoiding speaking quick or wrong. * Changing coupon parking: each coupon parking exchange for 2000 vnd. Coupons parking just valid during the day. Each person just only change a coupon parking. I'm not allowed to exchange for lotte's staff and security. I have to note the day on the coupon parking in order to prevent the case customer use expired coupon parking to exchange. 2. Experiment - Be careful when input informnation and accumulating point for customer. Moreover, I must be patient, because there're are many customer need to accumulate 20 or 30 bills at the sam time. - I think now I'm braver than someone when I've communicated with all of customers in Lotte Mart: kind, rude, cruel, gentle,... But the only thing I can do is "always smile" with customer . ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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