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My role in the community

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My role in the community Preventing fight outbreaks, leading students into the dining area, making sure that student leave the premises safely and orderly, providing support for all teachers in and around school, these are just some of the responsibilities that prefects at Prestwich Arts College have to take on. And I am one of them. I was told that if I wanted to take on this role in the school; I should write a letter saying why I should be chosen over other students - so I did. I was told the following week at the morning registration; I was told that I was now required to wear a distinct tie and shirt so that others knew that I was a prefect. ...read more.


What more can I ask for. The best part of being a prefect is the upper crust. This is a nickname given to the prefect common room. The school provide a hot meal and cold meal service with added hot drinks and a fantastic socialising area where prefects can eat there dinner or just 'chill'. The best part of this is the fact that there is a TV in the room so you can watch the news or listen to the latest track releases on MTV. Commitment is all in the teachers eyes there for prefects can not be late. Setting the standard is key to maintaining a good reputation for the school there for I as a prefect must obtain immaculate behaviour at all times and look the piece too. ...read more.


This can't be done without the correct advice and training so the school had organised a health and safety crew to come in and show us what is the ideal thing to do in a situation like this. Luckily I haven't been put under this situation before and I hope that I don't have to. Although I have prevented fights breaking out by clearing away crowds and referring the discomforted students to the office staff so the problem could be solved. I am very happy to be a prefect at Prestwich Arts College and advise others to become one too; it will give students the required step into adult life and the feeling of responsibility. It's these little things that allow the college to put the student into priority and give you the edge into getting the place you want. By Hydar Salman ...read more.

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