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My work experience at South London Press.

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My work experience at South London Press. Near the end of last year, my schools work experience co-coordinator came to us and told us it was time to begin planning for work experience, which begins on July 7th till the 16th. Due to fact I've always wanted to work experience because older children in the past have said it has been fun and enjoyable, plus you get to work in typical work environment. Although work experience has gained praise I believe work experience is about learning new skills, learning new ideas, working as part of a team and having the ability to communicate. Although our work experience co-ordinator said "do not restrict yourself to just the job you believe your going to do in the future, but try to get a job which you're interested in." With that in mind I began applying for placements in my field of interest Media, before the Christmas holidays I sent out a number of application forms which had included a cover letter, a c.v. And a permission letter from work experience co-ordinator Ms McQuaid. During the holidays I waited for replies from my choice of placements but I heard nothing. So when I came back after the new Year I sent of thirty five new applications to various sections in media, these included KISS 100, Capital fm, XFM, Channel FIVE, The Sun, The Daily Mirror and The South London Press. ...read more.


On Friday I also phoned Kara to see what time I started and finished, the times were 10am till 4pm. On the following Monday work experience began, I travelled to Streatham hill for 10am, on my mind was to find out what makes this paper so good that people in South London pay 35p twice a week. The first day was good; it went by at considerable speed as many of the staff was rushed of their feet as Monday was deadline day for tomorrow Tuesdays newspaper. One the Monday I was kept quite busy .I toured the building, did the post, surfed the internet looking at national weekly newspaper sales, designed a questionnaire for a interview later in the week, looked at past issues of the SLP. I also did various other things like enveloping and the post. However during the week things moved faster and I learned a lot of new things, much of what I wanted to learn. Although I learned a lot, I also had to do a lot admin work which included filing, photocopying, enveloping ands loads of handing out bulletin leaflets to all four floors. At times it became tedious; I knew it was part of work for everybody even the Series Editor. On the placement I learned how to frank mail, use the feeder on the photocopier and I learnt how to bind papers, I think learned these skills because I enjoyed. ...read more.


As you can see from my targets, I set my standards high. Although I had a few problems with achieving my targets, however I achieved 95% of my targets under the supervision of Kara who wrote my achievement in my report when my teacher came to visit. One of my targets I would like to improve on in the future is my information technology skill. At SLP it was very difficult to do this because their was not that much I.T work to do apart from mail merging addresses and writing up a letter in Microsoft Word for the South London Press sponsored hero's awards. The one an half weeks spent on work experience I found was very enjoyable, I achieved nearly 100% of my targets set, found out a lot about the background to producing a weekly regional newspaper. I believe the placement in South London Press was very fundamental for my future as underlined what I believed and that is that my career is in media very much the journalism side and not football. My time at South London Press would have not been achieved if wasn't for help from my Ms McQuaid, Kara McIlvaney, June Brown, Ms Ross, Ms Schmidt and myself. So I'm very grateful to everyone for their efforts. Thank you ...read more.

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