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The First Time I've Ever Worked

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The First Time I've Ever Worked It really hit me about half way through December, I suddenly realised I still didn't have anywhere to go. I had already applied to the European Union in Strasbourg as a translator, but they could only have people over eighteen. I was shocked to find out they were not going to make an exception for someone as talented and clever as me. So I really had to find somewhere quick! I thought about going to the vets but I am tragically disabled with asthma. I also thought about going to work at the Road Research Laboratory, but I decided I wanted to work somewhere in France, so that I could get my exceptionally good French even better. I asked my parents if I could go to the school near Saubion on the Spanish border, where I had been for the last half of my six month exchange. But they were not prepared to drive that far (2000 miles trip) just for a week. That left the other school in Orl´┐Żans where I stayed for the first half of my six month exchange. The next day I asked Mr. Burnett if that would be possible. He said that I would have to ring up and ask. That night I telephoned the school. It was the first time I had spoken French to a French person in over six months, so you can imagine I was a little rusty. When they answered I was greeted by a high pitched voice on the other end. I told them who I was and what I wanted to do. The woman on the other end then transferred me to someone else with a high pitched voice. I tried to repeat everything I had told the first person, but she did not seem to understand anything what so ever. Eventually she said to me that it is certainly possible and that she would speak to the Principle. The next day I told Mr. ...read more.


Jarek!" I suddenly realised it was a boy named Usef who I knew from last year when I was there. I also noticed some other people that I knew. Mme Trentin taught a similar lesson to the now 3eme class, I always knew them being in 4eme. The bell went and it was break time. Mme Trentin asked me what I wanted to do. I said I would try and find some of my previous friends although I spent most of my time walking round. It was nearly time for the next lesson so I went to the door of the administration office which was where Mme Trentin told me to wait. I saw lots of children queuing waiting for their teacher to come and get them. Some of the classes were already being taken in. Many of the children came over and shook my hand some I knew some I didn't. Eventually Mme Trentin came out and we went to get her class. This was another 3eme class and there were some other people that I knew. Again the lesson was very similar. Mme Trentin didn't have any more lessons and she went home for lunch. So she got a responsible pupil to take me to lunch in the canteen. She explained to this boy that I had to be with Mme Bernier at two o'clock. She then left and we met up with some of this boy's friends and we went to lunch. The boy explained to the registering person at the entrance that I had some money to buy a ticket. She then said I had to buy them in advance. In the end I got my lunch for free. It was not nice. It was a lump of burnt bony chicken and some peas in water. The boy next to me left his, so I did the same. I moved on to my desert which was a very small yogurt. ...read more.


We spent the rest of the day looking round shops. This was very exciting. We later went back to the hotel. I had been told not come in on Thursday as all the teachers would be on strike. So we spent most of the day watching films. It was one of the longest days I've ever had. The next day I started at eight again. When I got there Mme Trentin was not there. She didn't get there until twenty past, just before the lesson started. The first lesson was good because I brought in some quiz books and we tested the class on some questions. I also taught them a lot of tongue twisters. The second lesson was the same except that Audrey was there. She was sad to learn that this was my last day. It came to break time and she followed us all the way to the staff room door. During break I said all my goodbyes to all the teachers and then Mme Trentin and I went to our next lesson. It was with a class she didn't like, so the lesson was quite boring. I then had one last pointless lesson with Mme Denat. It was completely pointless as I just sat there and the children copied from the board. It came to the end of school and I walked out the gate and got in the car. My mother had already packed everything so we went strait to Calais. It was late when we got there and we booked into the same hotel as before. We then went to City Europe and bought at least ten bottles of a drink that I love and that I can only get in France, its called Danao. I also got some French paper as it is better that our paper. The next day we got to the Channel Tunnel at about half past nine. We got on and it was a long drive back to Lincoln. We got home at about half past four. That was a detailed account of my only working experience so far. ...read more.

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