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Work experience…?

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Lauren Joselyn English Coursework July 2002 Work experience...? On paper, my work experience placement sounded great. I would be sitting in on interviews, answering telephones and various other things that will keep me not only occupied but also interested for a whole week. Nevertheless, as the rain pounded on the car windscreen, a grave feeling bubbled in the darkest pit of my stomach. "What ifs?" dominated my thoughts. "What if they don't like me? What if all I do is make coffee? What if I wasn't as good as expectations?" I even worried about what to wear. Mum bravely marched around Watford shopping centre with me the previous Saturday, but the trip was pretty much in vain. Claire and I took a deep breath and stepped out of my mums' car. Claire, a friend from school, was working in Marks and Spencers, which was opposite my work experience placement at Office Angels. I felt as though I was lucky, I could barely stand five minutes in Marks and Sparks, let alone a week. I said good-bye to Claire and arranged to meet her for lunch at a nearby caf´┐Ż. The narrow staircase up to the office felt almost like the green mile. I climbed all the way to the top, but I saw no signs for Office Angels. ...read more.


I took up most of the space around Kes' desk. I had to lean over the papers, after a while my back began a steady throb. I couldn't believe it, it suddenly dawned on me, I wasn't going to be answering phone, or sitting in on interviews. I was going to be the office dogsbody, doing all the jobs no-one else wanted to do, they were using work experience as an excuse to use child labour! I left for lunch at 1 O'clock in a foul mood, I still had a great deal of filing still to do. I really wanted to know if Claire had done any better. I searched high and low, I went into to Marks and Spencer, but she was no-where to be seen. So now I couldn't have a good old moan with her! I bought a sandwich and went back to the small kitchen at Office Angles. Alone, I read the local paper absentmindedly. The afternoon was much like the morning, but I made more coffee! Nothing changed as the days went on. I filed a bit more; filed on the computer; filed filing cabinets; was told I had been told to file the wrong things; and filed in the storeroom! I loathed the storeroom the most. Not only was it hot, but it was so secluded, I couldn't even watch the array of people that floated in and out of the office. ...read more.


She took one long, pleasurable, swig and offered me one. I had to try hard not to turn up my nose in disgust as the fumes started to fill the car. Instead, I told her a story I had read about lung cancer and what happens when you get it, I did not spare any gruesome detail. Heather gave me a quizzical look and flung the cigarette out of the open window! "So what did you learn from work experience?" Mr Powell asked apprehensively. Mr Powell, my deputy head of house at school had taken a handful of my class into a nearby geography room. Some exhaled deeply, others all of a sudden perked up, which was almost unheard of from most teenagers on Monday mornings! We all waited for our turn to describe our week excitedly, or moan excessively. I wasn't the only one who felt was cheated out of an experience. When I think back, I don't think I learnt much at all. From all the filing, I now know the alphabet back to front, and how to make various types of coffee and tea, but that will not help me in the future. I now realise that I cannot just leave school without anything, or face having to be the "coffee girl" or "file girl" again. I am going to try so much harder, I can't afford to rely upon my terrible memory, I am going to have to sit down and do the most mind-numbing pastime known to teenagers, I am going to revise! ...read more.

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