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Work experience.

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Work experience Sarah Kinnear I was excited about work experience, after all it is a week off from school and I would also have the same placement as one of my close friends. I've never really considered being a hairdresser, but whenever you go to get your hair cut, the staff there are always bright, bubbly, chatty and most of all friendly. I arrived at Toni & Guy in Farnham 15 minutes early on Monday morning, I was excited and nervous, but I thought if it was anything like my part-time job it would be a bit mundane but quite a laugh. First of all, I met two other girls who had work experience there, one of whom had already done a week there. When Portia arrived, we were given a tour by one of the juniors and shown what jobs to do, and how to do them. ...read more.


The staff room is three floors high and it was one of the hottest days that week. We had to stand in a sort of cupboard off that room with a tumble dryer and sort and fold what seemed like hundreds of towels. This day was even worse than the first and I was beginning to dread what the next three days would be like. Although you don't have very important, exciting or satisfying tasks, standing on your feet all day really wears you out. The next day it became easier to find things to do, but there still weren't a lot of jobs to do. I washed and rinsed someone's hair for the first time, it was really good to finally be near a client and to actually do something with hair other than sweep it up. But unfortunately the acting manager that day thought I took too long and started shouting, telling me I had taken too long, even though I was being supervised by one of the juniors, so this put me off washing hair for the rest of the week. ...read more.


While I was there, I was asked to return several CD's. Finding the CD's in what is possibly the world messiest, hottest, and smallest office in the world was not an easy task, and took several attempts. When I finally returned to the salon floor, there was once again nothing to do. I couldn't wait to go on my lunch break. I was clock watching for the last hour. I didn't go back after my lunch break. I feel that work experience is quite pointless, as it didn't really teach me a lot about a career in hair dressing, I'd have been better off working for my actual employer, as I like the people and the working environment there. What I did learn, was that I want go to college and do well, so I will be able to get a job I really like, then I'll never have to be a hairdressing junior again. I also learned that you should always make an effort to get on with, and be polite to people you work with, as it makes your job a whole lot more enjoyable. ...read more.

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