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Work Experience Assignment

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GCSE English Literature Work Experience Assignment I was very excited about the responsibilities and challenges that I would experience. The company is connected to my interests, which are computers, digital imaging, and journalism. Unfortunately, the company turned down my work placement when I contacted them, as they couldn't fit me in at that appropriate time, as other student already had work experience places there. After that I basically ran out of hope and desire to come across a work placement on my own. So I left it up to my school to hopefully find a good work placement I would enjoy, and that would fit my interests. Sadly enough my own school couldn't even find me a work placement, with only a couple of days before work experience was due to take place. I felt really angry with my school, as it is really important I achieve my work experience. It is vital in many ways, because I would experience what it is like before I actual start a professional career, and also it would go down in my record of achievement. The only way to get a work placement for me now was to have great courage and find one myself. Luckily I contacted Telegraph and Argus again and they happily gave me a work placement, only four days before work experience started. ...read more.


I had lunch at around twelve o'clock where I met up with a couple of my friends in town for an hour. When I got back from lunch I did some photocopying and then I did the post, where I simply put newspapers into large envelopes, stuck labels on to the envelopes and stamped each one. Then I simply took them down to the security guard, who then weighted them and sent them off. I left at five o'clock and got the bus home. The only thing about the first day that surprised me was the time length of the day, as I was not used to working for eight whole hours. I really enjoyed the experience on my first day and overall it was very good. Most of the days at my work experience I either did something different or learnt something new. I found doing the classified ads on the computer and marketing very boring. It was also time-consuming. Marketing is simply measuring each ad in other competitive newspapers and magazines then summing up the measurements and recording them down. I really enjoyed laminating the ads, and searching the Internet. It was the first time I have ever done laminating and the Internet is something I go on regularly. ...read more.


When I look back on my work experience in five years time I will reflect that it has changed my life because I will have more of an idea about my career I will take in the future. I will be less nervous on the first day, have more confidence going in everyday and have an idea of what the people are like to work with when I actually get a real job. This will also go down in my records that I have worked for an official company. It has been beneficial too because I can mention it on my CV when I go for my first job as it may give me a better chance of getting that job depending on which company it is. Overall it has been worthwhile and great opportunity. The prospect of working in an unfamiliar place may have made me feel a little anxious and nervous at first, but I have been treated like an employee throughout the whole experience. There have been no problems and I have learnt many new things and I've had many challenges. Sometimes it may have got a little tiring but the job had to be done that's what I was there for. It was tedious, fun, exciting and, at times, strenuous work and was an experience I shall never forget. The work experience has been a good real experience to how a job really is. 1 ...read more.

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