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work experience - nursery

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Work experience Finally it was time for me to experience the big wide world of working all on my own. Since I found out that I was working at a pre-school I couldn't wait, how hard can it be to look after a bunch of 2 - 5 year olds? Well I was soon to find out at my interview. Everything was going well until I made one of the boys cry. I had only taken the car off him because he had broken it. He must have thought I was going to tell him off or something. Well first day came and I couldn't wait. I was ready on time, which is really unusual for me in the mornings, and everything going well all until I was about to walk out the door. As per usual mum started crying because her little girl was growing up. ...read more.


Watching them come in and start playing I thought that I had got it easy, they looked so cute and innocent in their little uniforms. But that soon changed when they found out that their parents had gone. 30 minutes into the session and they were still crying. By break I had managed to settle a few of them but there was one boy that sat in front of the door waiting for his mum. Freddie do you want to come paint. No me don't like it. I tired everything but nothing worked. By the end of the day I was so tired, all I had done was read books and sing to the kids. Friday was here and I couldn't wait for the weekend so I could sleep. Monday came sooner than I wanted it to and it was back to work. ...read more.


Louise finally stood up talking to the kids sitting quietly on the floor. I looked at Karly then at the floor, not knowing where to look. Louise had got Oliver to stand up and give me my present that they had brought me. I tried to say thank you but my voice was so shaky no one could understand me. Saying goodbye to them was horrible. As soon as I saw Oliver's face I knew I was go to started crying. His little voice said. You cant go cos I aint gonna have no1 to play with. He sat on my lap and cuddled me where I started crying even though I promised I wouldn't. Looking back on my experience I had realise that I didn't want to become a nursery teacher. Over the two weeks I had been kicked, punched, bite, pinched, head butted, had paint spilt over me and had children wipe their noses on my clothes. But the best bit was seeing the children play and having fun. ...read more.

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