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Work Experience report

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I had accepted to do two weeks of work experience at the Boots Pharmacy, as a shop floor sales assistant. To be honest, I had no idea what the firm manufactured or the type of work involved. I woke up on a Monday morning, prepared and organized, which was incredibly unusual. I was extremely enthusiastic about the prospect of working. As I sat on the H91 bus with my mp3 music player on, questions kept coming across my head like, 'what will it be like?' And 'what will people think of me?' I wasn't really anxious but more excited. I reached at the pharmacy 20 minutes early. As I strolled through the automatic doors, it was deserted, so I walked past the half stocked shelves and noticed a comparatively old lady. I said, "hi, my name is Gagandeep and I'm here for work experience" she looked at me maliciously, and replied "hello, my name is Susana, just follow me". She seemed very peculiar because it seemed like she was spying on me. She took me through the back of the shop to the cashier room. It gave me an insight on how a shop looks behind the closed doors, it wasn't particularly beautiful but I got to see where all the stock is kept. It's in a massive room. After about five minutes of waiting the store manager arrived her name was Nina, she was Indian and in her mid thirties. ...read more.


There was a massive safe in a relatively diminutive room. I had a look in the safe and it had so much money, that it was unthinkable. This Boots store wasn't a very hi tech branch as Nina explained, so money had to counted by hand. At first I thought that must take ages, but I was proved wrong because, there were two men, who were capable of counting 500 notes within a minute without a single miss calculation. I found that fascinating. I had a go at trying to count a couple of hundred notes, I couldn't get the exact number the first time but got it after a few attempts. That was most eventful job I had done so far, but the next room Nina took me to was much superior. It was the games room; it had a full size snooker table, table tennis tables and a couple of dartboards. I was eager to play but couldn't because I had to many jobs to do. Mrs Kapoor explained the things I was going to do in that day, it involved stacking more shelves and helping with a display board, which the staff is assembling. Lunchtime was a time for putting your feet up and just resting, I hardly get to sit down, so lunchtime is the perfect opportunity. After I had my lunch I wet down to the games room to watch some snooker. ...read more.


It was really depressing to think that I would never do these duties again. It was even saddening to leave all the new friends I had made. I was exactly in a position of a temporary worker, who is about to leave except I don't get paid. As I was saying farewells, I might have appeared jubilant but in fact I was quiet poignant. I thought I would never meet any of my new friends again until Nina suggested that I should visit regularly. She made my farewell less emotional by saying "I will try to find you a summer job if you want it", I replied, " I'll think about it". Nina then handed me a white envelope, I wasted no time and opened it straight away. I just couldn't believe it, it had �50 in it and I just can't describe the emotion I went through that moment. I walked out of the doors knowing I could return. I had been at work experience for two weeks and I did have some tedious jobs. But I knew it would be difficult to adapt to school life again. I contemplated how it must be like for someone to leave a job after twenty years. At work I was being treated as an adult and I knew I would have to put up with being treated as a child in school. I think I was one of the luckier students on work experience because, as far as being in pleasing surroundings and working with pleasant people, someone was always making sure I was happy. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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