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Write a Report on Work Experience for Next Year's Year 10.

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Write a Report on Work Experience for Next Year's Year 10 Year 10 students are set out to go on a 2-week work experience. The idea of work experience is that it is to show students/teenagers how work really is. During the course of the 2 weeks, the students should be able to build up new skills and develop ones they already have. The sort of work experience I wanted to do was something to with computers, or some other type of electronic products. I wanted to do something like this mainly out of interest. I wanted to do computer work because I do GNVQ ICT; due to this I thought working with computers would develop my skills even further. I also hoped that with this work experience I would be able to get better communication skills and with this, meet new people. I hoped that if I got the job, I would find out how the computer or electronic industry works and I would find out whether or not I like that sort job. I would have also liked to find out what types of skills, qualifications and responsibilities you need for that type of job. I wanted to find out all these things because I am interested in that as a further career, although I do have some other alternatives. ...read more.


Nothing was stolen in the end. After that I had to put tags on all the games, the tags said 'this box is empty'. I had to put tags on all the games because I was told that recently there have been a lot of thefts. I had to put stickers on about 200 games. This was very boring. Following that I had to stack more games on shelves. The labelling and stacking games was very boring, as it was just the same thing again and again. We then had an induction. We had an induction late because all of the manager's were busy. In the induction we were shown videos about health and safety, although these videos were rather boring, they were very helpful and taught me a lot about health and safety around the store. We were then given a speech to summarise it all up. This all took about 45 minutes. We then had to fill in some forms that show that we understand healthy and safety issues. This had to be done because they had to make sure we knew what's right and what's wrong. Followed by this we were given a tour around the whole warehouse. Including storeroom, etc. ...read more.


In away I did feel exploited because I felt that they were making me do all they're hard boring jobs. E.g. stacking big heavy boxes on high shelves. This from time to time made me feel angry and unimportant. Looking back at what kind of job I first wanted, this is nothing like it. I think I did achieve some or most of my goals. For example better communication skills, I know I have achieved this because I spoke to everybody at work properly and with confidence. I learnt that this job was really hard work, and overall was not very exciting. It was also very tiring, much more than school. The job was something like what I expected, but one thing that surprised me, where the people, they were not as profession as there made out to be. I think they just do this in front of customers. Overall it compares to a school day very differently, this is because, its very long hours, and its hard work. I think overall I did quiet well, and I am proud of my work. I would recommend the placement for others, but only if they are hard workers and willing to work. I think this job has not helped me come to a conclusion about my future at all. This is because its nothing like the type of job I wanted or was interested in. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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