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Business Production Methods Practical

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#1 job production----individual newspaper hat making - everyone producing different sizes - different amounts #2 line flow mass production #3 batch production Task 2: 1. Using appropriate terminology, describe the production method used 2. The production method used in this task was job production, which is The production of a one-off project built to specific customer or industry specifications. We did individual newspaper hat making, in this task we were each given the same instructions and we then each used our own interpretation of those instructions and made our own newspaper hats, relying on ourselves and not our group maters. However this meant that in making the product (in this case the newspaper hats) there would be a longer development phase. Job production is used when the emphasis is on quality and the producer will then charge premium prices. As a result the products are market oriented and the client may then expect more. However weaknesses to this production method is that it may be time-consuming as there is more consultation with the client and the workforce would be reliant on labour intensive and skilled workers. ...read more.


The labor doesn't require high skill, the focus would then be on quality control and consistent actions. This production method is most commonly used in factories with long conveyor belts routing the products through the different stay of products without a pause, therefore machines are the focus in this production method, because we can rely on them to produce the same standard each time. This production method would mean that labor costs are low and increase in orders can be handled due to efficiency. 7. 2. Analyse the appropriateness of this method for the task. 8. Using line production during this task was a much more efficient way of producing the newspaper hats because we found that in a shorter time we were able to make double if not more the amount of newspaper hats we made when we were using job production as a method. Each person was assigned a task that didn't need a lot of time nor thinking and therefore each person was only focused on that one task and this increased efficiency. In this case if we were a business we would be able to cater for large orders because of a much more efficient production process. ...read more.


14. When making the popcorn, each time tried different flavors and each time we were able to create 3 to 4 cups of popcorn. It was a very organized form of production because we were all working as a team and at the same time we were able to create large amounts each time. When making the popcorn because we had so much and a lot can be made at once this method was an efficient way to do so because we were able to provide large amounts of every flavor. However there was a disadvantage to batch production in this case because in the end although the aim was to create popcorn for each individual, there was extra in the end, therefore in the case of businesses, sometimes they would need to hold large stocks of work in progress because there might be too high a surplus of products, surpassing the demand. Making the popcorn was also easy as a team because we were able to work efficiently, and it didn't take as much effort. We were organized in that it didn't take long for us to flavor the popcorn, and at the same time we were able to create large amounts therefore for this task, using batch production was appropriate for the situation. ...read more.

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