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Case Study: Beer sales plunge as Britons stay at home

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Pg. 60 Case Study: Beer sales plunge as Britons stay at home (a) Is the research referred to in the article primary or secondary research? It is secondary research, as all the information that they use has already been gathered by the BBPA (British Beer and Pub Association), so they simply use what the BBPA found out, they didn't have to go and find out the information themselves. (4) (b) Outline the reasons why pub owners may find the research in the article above useful. ...read more.


It can also help him because if he is seeing that he isn't selling as much beers as before in his pub, he can understand the reason for it. (4) (c) Explain the various ways in which a pub owner might seek to collect primary data to complement the data provided in the article. A pub owner might collect primary data by: - Doing some questionnaires to its customers. With questions such as if the environment of the bar makes them comfortable, if the bar staff have been respectful, etc. ...read more.


(7) (d) Analyse the potential usefulness of the data provided in the article for the pub owner. The article might help the pub owner to decide on buying, for example, more regional beer and champagnes, as the article has told us that this are increasing in sales. By this it might help the pub owner also to think more precisely about what to order, in order to increase he pubs profits. On the other hand, this article may not be as useful as we think, as it's made in general, so it might not apply to every single pub, and depending on the city, the products that they say that have increased in sales may vary. (5) Silvia Sans ...read more.

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