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Development of online customer service - the problems with Super Deal Electronics are mainly concerning its online shopping business. It current information system can not meet the e-commerce needs and the problems can be categorised into several groups s

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Table of content: 1. INTRODUCTION 2 2. ANALYSIS 2 2.1 MAJOR PROBLEMS 2 2.1.1 Customers 2 2.1.2 Employees 3 2.1.3 Management 3 2.1.4 IT structure 4 2.2 POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS 4 2.2.1 Information system 4 2.2.2 E-services 5 3. CONCLUSION 6 4. REFERENCE 6 1. Introduction Super Deal Electronics is a medium sized company with twenty-eight retailing stores that sell all types of electronics, computer solutions, software, peripherals, accessories and consumables in New Zealand. The company also has developed a good website where customers can get the information on the products and services and also do online shopping. In addition, customers can also order by a free telephone number which is manned by the company employees at the head office and customers can also request the mobile salesperson to visit them for too technical orders or business-to business transactions. Although the current system works well, there are some problems concerning the customers, employees, management and IT structure. Therefore as an independent consultant, this report will give the evaluation of the strength of these problems and highlight them in terms of importance and possible suitable solutions to these problems will be given. 2. Analysis Generally, the problems with Super Deal Electronics are mainly concerning its online shopping business. It current information system can not meet the e-commerce needs and the problems can be categorised into several groups such as customers, employees, management and IT structure. ...read more.


The company has an ERP system, which was built in 1990s, takes care of most of the back-end functions of the company. The present IT structure is VPN that use the Internet as the main backbone supplemented with firewalls and other security features. All the stores of the company are connected to the central IT office at the head office that has a web serve where the portal is hosted. So the IT structure hinders the development of e-commerce of the company. 2.2 Possible solutions E-business model is different from the traditional business model by three distinct features: it can be accessed to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it can have global business while eliminating and it can act as the middle man who acts like a broker and a distributor. (Export Knowledge) Therefore because of the problems the company current has, we can see that the major cause of the problems is the system the company has. So we suggest the company to update or build a new information system and focus on the e-services, that is try to satisfy customers online. 2.2.1 Information system Currently, the company uses an ERP system built in 1990s and its IT structure is VPN. ERP system is the backbone of the e-business, it is a cross-functional enterprise system that serves as a framework to integrate and automate many of the business processes that must be accomplished within the manufacturing, logistics, distribution, accounting, and finance and human resources functions of a business. ...read more.


However, other means of telecommunication is also used, so e-service becomes necessary for marketer and companies. IT solutions look e-service as new generation solution and e-service's key solution includes effective use of CRM. Therefore for the management of the company, it should have the e-service management with following features: * Knowledge management: give solution, and answers to FAQs * Request management: fulfil the service, plan the resource * Live customer support: customer service representative make call to customers, write emails to customers * Account self-service: user name and account administration, account status maintenance and details * Installed base management: installation management, warranty management * Complaints and returns management: deal with customers complaints in time and give right reply * Billing and payment online payment and online invoices. (E-service: satisfying customers online) Therefore, with the features achieved, the company will solve its current problems with customers, employees, management and IT structures. 3. Conclusion Above all, the Super Deal Electronics is a successful e-business company but has some problems with customers, employees, management and IT structure. The origins of these problems are caused by it inappropriate information system. Therefore with the update of it system to client/server network and focus on e-service CRM, the company will solve its current problems. 4. Reference Expert Knowledge, retrieved on 4th October 2005 from world wide websites http://expertanswercenter.techtarget.com/eac/knowledgebaseAnswer/0,295199,sid63_gci1053510,00.html O'Brien James (2003) Introduction to Information Systems, essentials for the e-business enterprises, eleventh edition, international edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin, McGraw-Hill Company Ltd, New York, USA Chusasama, Jayesh (3/25/2004) E-business: Satisfying customers online, Course notes ?? ?? ?? ?? 6 ...read more.

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