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Functions of Management. This paper will define the four basic functions of management and how each function relates to a specific organization.

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Functions of Management David J Knox MGT/330 March 29, 2010 Matthew Handlon Functions of Management Most all corporations, new and old, small or big need to run efficiently and attain the goals and objectives its set forth to reach. With a vast difference in companies, each has developed and implemented its own unique management concept. There are four basic management concepts that allow organizations to handle planned and tactical decisions. This paper will define the four basic functions of management and how each function relates to a specific organization. Plan Planning is the first function and foundation for all areas of management. This should be the most important and beginning of your building block. Planning requires direction to review a company's present standing, and where it should be in the near future. Only here can an appropriate form of action be taken to determine and implement a company's objectives and goals. Planning is an endless path of action needed to succeed in the world of business. ...read more.


When determining the inside direction, management should look at divisions or departments that succeed or do well. Also look at the harmony of your staff, try to find the best way to handle important tasks and overheads of information within the company. Management decides the distribution of work according to its needs. Management also makes decisions for appropriate departments to handle authority and responsibilities. Organization at Summit Automation is very poor, from organization in the shop to organization of responsibility in the office. Due to the lack of employees, many tasks are being overseen and not getting completed. This is causing everyone to be stretched thin and major mistakes are happening. Leading Leading is the third function of management. This function helps management supervise and control actions taken by the staff. This assists the staff in reaching their company's goals and also helps their career and personal goals that can be driven by communication, dynamics, motivation, and departmental leadership. Employees that are highly motivated normally exceed their job responsibility and play a major role in reaching their company's goals. ...read more.


As these points are studied by management it's also necessary to compare attitude and efficiency. Comparing both decides additional preventive and corrective actions. In an effort for solving problems in performance, management should set higher standards for all to follow. Leaders should clearly speak to employees or departments that are having problems. The controlling process is a comparison with the other three functions that lead management to success. With this, management at Summit Automation surly can solve any probable problem. This will help management at Summit take preventive and necessary measures against all consequences. We can also recognize additional and developing problems that call for corrective actions. Conclusion Success in management is a direct reflection of being effective and efficient which will attain objectives and goals of your organization. If reaching the ultimate goal is what you want then aim high and work creatively in problem solving for all four functions of management. Management must see the needs for accomplishing goals; they must also look into their process and decide whether or not it's feasible for the company. ?? ?? ?? ?? FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT 2 Running head: FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT 1 ...read more.

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