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Human Resource Management. HR management is especially critical to the core competencies of health care organizations, which rely heavily on attracting and retaining quality personnel.

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´╗┐HRM Human Resource Management GM Shaikh ________________ Human resource management Human resource (HR) management (also known as personnel management) focuses on the management of an organization?s employees. HR management is especially critical to the core competencies of health care organizations, which rely heavily on attracting and retaining quality personnel. The Role of HR Management HR management is a staff function because it provides support to a health care organization?s managers. Unlike some organizational functions such as purchasing or legal that are almost entirely self-contained, many of the HR functions are the joint responsibility of the HR department and managerial or supervisory personnel. When a nurse is hired, for example, the hospital HR department typically provides support activities such as processing the written application, scheduling an interview, and ensuring that the necessary tax and benefit paperwork have been completed. The actual hiring decision, however, is usually left up to the nursing supervisor who will be working directly with the new hire. The HR department also formulates and implements a variety of HR policies (for example, the hospital?s affirmative action plan). ...read more.


Employee recruitment involves assembling a pool of job applicants from which the health care organization can draw. Recruitment involves identifying and using various recruitment sources (for example, a private employment agency, temporary help agency, university placement office). HR managers recognize that recruitment sources vary with respect to the type and quality of applicant that they yield and the expense that they involve. Employee selection involves identifying and hiring the best applicants from the recruitment pool. The selection process involves the intelligent use of selection predictors (devices used to gather information to ?predict? whether an employee will perform competently) such as application blanks, interviews, background checks, personality and integrity tests, and knowledge tests, among others. One selection predictor that has become increasingly important is a background check to verify previous employment and to check an applicant?s criminal, driving, and credit history. The use of selection predictors often requires consulting with a qualified industrial psychologist. Training and development is used to provide employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform their jobs, stay abreast of the latest developments in their field, and enhance their careers. ...read more.


In recent years, however, the importance and recognition of HR managers has grown as organizations have become cognizant of the critical importance that human resources play in the success of an organization. The major professional organization for HR managers is the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). It provides a variety of educational and certification opportunities for HR managers. The organization also keeps HR managers up to date on developments in the field. The two professional tracks for HR managers are the HR generalist and the HR specialist. HR generalists, such as a medical center HR director, are in charge of an entire HR function. They oversee a staff that performs the HR functions described earlier. A generalist may have a business degree such as an M.B.A. or master?s degree in human resource management. An HR specialist focuses on a specific aspect of HR management such as discrimination law, health and safety, or benefit programs and may work as a consultant or at the headquarters of a large organization. HR specialists may have master?s, doctoral, or law degrees, and they may have spent a considerable amount of time becoming experts in a relatively well-defined HR area. ...read more.

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