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Marketing Strategies. Satyam Computer Services Limited, a global consulting and information technology services provider, unveiled its new brand identity, Mahindra Satyam. This strategic move paves the way for the emergence of a robust brand, whic

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MAHINDRA SATYAM Marketing Strategies B.Yadagiri Sai(10BSP1041) 8/17/2011 Satyam Computer Services Limited, a global consulting and information technology services provider, unveiled its new brand identity, "Mahindra Satyam." This strategic move paves the way for the emergence of a robust brand, which draws from the core values of the Mahindra Group and the inherent strength of the Satyam brand. The rebranding of Satyam to Mahindra satyam was done to help the company shed its negative image. Vision To be the world's most valued 'ICT' Company. Values Customer First: We respond to customers speedily, courteously and effectively Good Corporate Citizenship: We seek long-term success for all stakeholders without compromising on ethics or transparency Individual Dignity: We value the individual, uphold the right to express disagreement, and respect the time and efforts of others. ...read more.


The Board is responsible for setting the strategic objectives for the Management and ensuring that stakeholders' long-term interests are served. The Management in turn is responsible for establishing and implementing policies, procedures and systems to enhance the long-term value of the Company and delight all its stakeholders. Mahindra Satyam (Satyam), a new brand identity of Satyam Computer Services Ltd., is a global information technology (IT) and software solutions provider. The services offered by the company include systems design, software development, system integration, and application maintenance. Its IT services include application development and maintenance, consulting and enterprise business solutions, extended engineering solutions and infrastructure management services. Satyam operates through two business segments, namely, IT services and business process outsourcing (BPO) ...read more.


* As part of de-risking strategy, we are focusing more on Europe and APAC which resulted in increasing the revenue. * Plan to aggressively develop the R&D services by focusing on high growth markets Dedicated sales team for Europe and Asia * Focus on New Client Acquisition in Europe & Asia. Mahindra Group Vice Chairman Anand Mahindra himself met all the large customers to convince them to stay with the company. In the first six months, CEO C P Gurnani met over 150 customers across the globe. Customer meets were organized in London and Chicago and analyst conferences were held in Hyderabad, London and Boston to apprise them of what the company was doing. All these had its desired effect: the company's customers' delight survey shows that the score was 4 out of 5, much better than the industry average of 3.5-4. ...read more.

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