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Mobil CO

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Who is Mobilco? Mobilco is the new telecommunication services provider in the UAE. We are an integrated service provider offering voice, data, video and content services over fixed and mobile networks to residential and business customers. Our culture and brands Connect, inspire, reward A culture and brand to deliver service to you While building our foundations and factoring relevant data to tailor products and services to suit our potential customers, we are also building a culture and a brand which will underpin everything we do. We are guided by our 4 brand values: * Friendly - we exhibit warm professionalism in everything we do * Honest - we deliver what we promise * Confident - we take pride in what we deliver to the ...read more.


We concentrate on two major target market: 1. Consumers: Focusing on individuals and households by offering mobile and fixed voice calling, Internet, data services and television. AS can be seen that most of people living in the UAE like to be trendy and have many hobbies and activities such as camping in desert, diving and swimming in the beaches. The costumers ages which we are looking for is 14-60 years old, but the majority of them is between 19-45years old. 2. Businesses: Focusing on small to very large corporations and government agencies by offering integrated fixed and mobile business solutions including voice, data, content and applications as well as professional services. ...read more.


any difficulties appears in the future because: * We are committed to reciprocating our consumers trust and goodwill by delivering on our promise to delight our customers by enabling easier, more fulfilling communications experiences. * we are implementing the most modern, up-to-date network and IT support systems in the UAE, which means we can deliver all our services to you across one seamless platform. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Excellent reputation Loyal costumers A new, innovative product and services Quality process and procedures Location of our company New company Profit margin too low Loosing too many employees Opportunities Threats A developing market Merger A new international Market A new competitor in our country Price war with competitor Competitor has a new , innovative product our service ...read more.

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