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Working With and Leading People. Theories of leadership.

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NAME: REANA SINGH COURSE: BTEC HUND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SUBJECT: WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE DUE DATE: 17TH MARCH, 2011 TASK 1 (1) 'A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable'. (Katzenbach & Smith) Certain functions in an organisation performed more effectively by a team as opposed to individuals working on their own is due to the fact that it is a group of people who are working together to achieve the same organisational objectives. Teams normally have members with complementary skills and this helps in either maximising the strengths of members or minimising the weakness of members. Within a team every person will have different types of knowledge, skills and experience and this will be an asset for the team to fulfil their functions as they are working together. Teams in an organisation help the individual and also the organisation. There are benefits such as staff may feel more motivated and committed to their work which will result in staff working harder and performing better, morale is high and it may improve leadership skills, they will feel part of the decision making process, with a team it clearly defines the goals and objectives, it improves the procedures and processes, it will improve the ability to problem solve and will also develop better relationships with management and team members. The organisation may have a higher quality of work, fewer accidents, fewer staff turnover and fewer problems and another is it may have an improved reputation and image on the organisations behalf. ...read more.


For team rewards to be effective it should have certain characteristics such as distinct roles, targets and performance measures, maturity and stability, cooperation, interdependence of team members and also significant independence and thus influence over performance. These mentioned above will be able to ensure that the effectiveness of the team is sustained for a long period of time because these approaches will be continuous so as long as the team exists. These strategies will be able to motivate the team members in achieving the organisations goals and objectives. By rewarding, supervising, monitoring, evaluating and supporting the team, their effectiveness will be sustained for a long period of time once it is continuous. TASK 3 (1) There are different types of theories of leadership such as trait, activity based, contingency and style. From this case the type of leadership theory used is the Contingency approach to leadership. This approach argues that the ability of a manager to lead and to influence his work group will vary according to the leader, the subordinates and the task. These factors can be ranged from tight to flexible and Handy said that the most effective style of leadership in an particular situation is one that brings these three factors into a 'best fit'. The Chief Executive wishes to implement new technology into the organisation. From the case the General Manager and the staff are disinterested and reluctant to adapt to the change and the Chief Executive has ideas on how to deal with the problems. A best fit should be when all factors are on the same level of the spectrum and if not this is where the leader should decide which factors should be changed in order to bring three factors in line. ...read more.


It will be beneficial to both the organisation and its staff. Another motivation factor is the leaders' personality or referent power which is a person who is generally liked and admired by others. The chief by having so many accomplishments in the organisation he may be respected and admired by some of the staff members. If this is so the staff may comply because of the chief's attitude and behaviours and so the employees can make a conscious decision to grant the leaders wishes. Moral power has communicated a shared set of values and obligations which lays out the right thing to do for the good of the employees, the stakeholders, the organisation and may be the community as a whole. These values of the organisation may be set as mission statement or vision. The mission statement or vision can drive the staff members to work towards the goals and objectives of the organiation.This can be arrived through discussion with followers and described thorough procedures, regulations and rules. The chief can motivate and empower the staff by showing interest in the ideas of the staff members. Once interest is shown the staff will feel empowered and self motivated because they feel a sense belonging to the organisation. The chief should be able to promote the new system that is needed for the organisation showing the staff that they will gain knowledge, experience and new skills which would be for their own personal development. The chief can also motivate staff by opening promotions and offering them positions where they can lead in their own expertise. This will motivate the staff to actually buying into the change. All these mentioned will help the Chief in motivating the staff and will show them how beneficial this change would be to the company and the members of staff. ...read more.

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