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Immigration Laws America was built by immigrants. Immigration has played an important role in American History. People from every where came to America

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Stephanie Herrera N. Hollies English H063 October 11, 2006 Immigration Laws America was built by immigrants. Immigration has played an important role in American History. People from every where came to America; some were escaping from religious persecution and political disorder Most of them came for economic reasons some came seeking fortune and others were brought against their will to work as slaves. But as the population grew, the federal government decided to control immigration. In recent year, the increase number of immigration have course many Americans to believe that the country is overwhelmed by immigrants and urged policymakers to create laws that discourage both legal and illegal immigrants. America opens its doors to immigration to settle its empty lands. America has, is, and will always be a nation of immigrants. Throughout time people have been immigrating for reasons far away in search of what or why I might ask brings upon many controversial issues. ...read more.


We were superior, and then needed to protect its citizens from the unwanted intruders that threaten the way of life on American coast. Has been a scream by some politicians and citizens toward creating a predominantly closed-door policy on immigration, arguing that immigrants "threaten" American life by creating unemployment by taking jobs from American workers, using much-needed social services, and intrude on the "American way of life." While these arguments seem valid to many, they are false, and more than probable confused with the subject of illegal immigration. In fact, immigrants actually enhance American life by creating; not taking jobs, and brings valuable technical knowledge and skills to our country. If we are to continue to excel as a nation, the traditionalists who fear an advance of foreign-born Americans must learn to accept that we get our greatness as a result of being "a nation of immigrants." ...read more.


Did You Know? 40% of Americans can trace their family history through Ellis Island (http://www.saveellisisland.org/site/PageServer ), that means 40% of the actual population that call themselves Native American are actually descendents of immigrants. We need to recognize that immigrants tend to be ambivalent about leaving their homelands and loved ones, and aren't always eager to commit to becoming part of US society. But we should not be surprised or insulted by this (http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2006/10/15/immigration_realities/). As more and more people of different races and cultures enter the United States and the racial composition of the country changes, immigration becomes a more extremely debated issue. Some Americans favor tighter immigration restrictions and argue that immigrants take jobs away from U.S. citizens, consume social services, and resist learning English. Others, however, point to America's historic commitment to immigration and believe that immigrants keep the nation strong, economically competitive, and culturally rich. The question of whether America's doors should be open or closed will continue to be strongly debated in the courts, in Congress, and in communities where immigrants settle. Herrera1 ...read more.

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