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The Bermuda Crew

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As the third relief crew from England made its way to the English settlement of Jamestown, their ship was hit by a furious hurricane. The crew and its ship were hopeless and in constant fear that they might drown. They miraculously found an island on which they were able to survive and save themselves from death. There had been tales that the island they set foot on was the Devil's Island. To their surprise, the island they found was better than anything in their wildest dreams. The place the crew landed on turned out to be distinctly different from Jamestown. The experience they underwent and the Bermuda Island gave the Bermuda crew determination by divine intervention, as well as, inspiration. There are many reasons that Devil's Island, Bermuda, was distinctly different from Jamestown. Bermuda had natural food and resource wealth beyond the crew's imagination. The island provided pork, mulberries, cedar berries, prickle peare, fish, tortoises, and birds. There was an account of endless flocks of birds, an inexhaustible supply of pork, and a supply of fish so abundant that fish could surround any man that stepped into the island's waters. ...read more.


One can only imagine such an awe inspiring event that the landing on such an island could have been. The crew was glad to have made it to land but was spoiled by the riches that the land had brought them. If one does not interpret such an event as being inspirational, then one is surely not alive. The mere survival of the crew when it comes to such an event is inspirational. The reason that such an event of survival is inspirational is because if one had been on a boat that was struck by an immense hurricane such as one struck the Bermuda crew would have expected a horrid number of causalities and deaths. Since all the crew's members survived, there was nothing left in the crew but inspiration. The inspiration that they received from the vent that they underwent made them determined to continue and finish their goal. Whenever one has gone through something as awe inspiring that the Bermuda crew went through, one does not just forget what has happened. Because of the perseverance in the storm, the crew was more determined to persevere in relation to their goal to aid the Jamestown settlers. ...read more.


One can also see the divine intervention in the event because the island was supposedly inhabited by the Devil but it turned out that the island was inhabited by God and Angels. When the colonists were given such great earthly rewards by God as a result of landing in such a wonderful place, they were determined to sail on and glorify God through their voyage to Jamestown. They were also determined to glorify God through the helping of others. The Bermuda crew was determined to help Jamestown because they themselves had been so graciously helped. For so many reasons, Jamestown and the Bermudas were distinctly different. Not only were the regions different as a result, of resource wealth and different food supplies, but they were different by the way the two places thought. The inspiration and divine intervention that the Bermuda crew faced determined them to sail to Jamestown for distinctly different reasons than the settlers of Jamestown. On the one hand, the colonists were inspired by all they had went through and received. Because of the divine intervention that the crew received, they felt it necessary to glorify God through their voyage to Jamestown. For so many different reasons, Jamestown was able to stay alive and personify the American that had come about from the first settlement. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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