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Art Gallery Critique

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Julie Gu 03-30-09 First Period Gallery Critique No. 3 During the visit of the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen of Virginia, I came upon a piece of artwork that I was fascinated with. This artwork was "Immortal - Water" which had been painted by Richard Stodart who was recently residing in Virginia. The main media used by Stodart in painting the artwork was acrylic paints. This piece of art was only one out of four paintings that formed the collection called "The Four Immortals - Fire, Air, Water, and Earth." Set in the center of the work was a green turtle with the shell of the reptile facing the audience. ...read more.


Circular shapes were a major component of the artwork beginning with the shell of the turtle and the geometric circles on the shell. The lotus flower leaves were also painted with oval shapes. In order to be complementary with the idea of the circles, Richard Stodart painted the ashy background of the artwork with circular brush strokes that were apparent to the eyes. The painting on the whole conveyed a sense of unity with the green color palette I addition with the widely used circular shapes. Richard Stodart explored the idea of immortality in his painting of "Immortal - Water." He was able to portray the concept of immortality utilizing the symbolic image of the turtle which was a kind of animal that had commonly been associated with living an immortal life. ...read more.


Although I am mainly working with the fundamental media or paper, I find the artwork of "Immortal - Water" to be incredibly engrossing. The aspect of the whole painting that appeals to me the most is the symbolic meaning behind the use of the turtle, the lotus flower, and as well as the element of water. I have been aiming to apply various symbolic subjects in my own artworks which is a common characteristic that I share with Richard Stodart. Although I believe the artwork is a successful piece of art, I find the green color palette to be overly repetitive, and the whole work may be enhanced by varying the shades of green or perhaps mixing the green with other analogous colors. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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