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Banning Smoking

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SHOULD SMOKING BE BANNED? Recently, many countries have taken measures to ban indoor smoking mainly because scientific evidence has shown that tobacco smoking is harmful to the smokers themselves and to those inhaling second-hand smoke. Banning smoking in public buildings, hotels, bars, restaurants, shops etc. intends to protect people from the effects of second hand smoke, which include an increased risk of heart disease, cancer or other diseases. In addition, these measures will decrease health costs, since less people will suffer every year from the above illnesses and therefore less people will be treated in hospitals. ...read more.


or specific areas inside places such as airports or offices and smokers will have to go outside or in the specific areas to smoke. It is believed that smoking bans will make it more difficult for smokers to enjoy smoking and, what is more important, they will give smokers an incentive to quit. However, not everybody agrees with banning of smoking. On the contrary almost all smokers are against smoking bans and they believe that this is a policy against people's freedom of choice. ...read more.


By introducing smoking bans people will have less health problems in the future. However, people should have the right to choose if they want to be smokers or not. For this reason, I believe that smoking should be allowed in specifically designed and well-separated areas inside hotels, bars and restaurants. Smokers will be allowed to stay inside the separated places and enjoy smoking without causing any harm or annoying those who do not wish to smoke. In this way smokers will not feel isolated and unwanted but human beings as everybody else. ...read more.

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