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Information Technology in a Global Society - analysis of an article "Using data mining technology to help solve health and society problems, but is it also causing a privacy concern?"

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International Baccalaureate Information Technology in a Global Society Portfolio - 2 Using data mining technology to help solve health and society problems, but is it also causing a privacy concern? (Health and Society) July 2010 Word count: 974 Article: Analysis." ScienceDaily 18 December 2009. 25 June 2010 <http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/12/091217141306.htm>. Table of Contents: Criteria A Presentation of the Issue .............................................................. p.3 Criteria B The IT Background of the Issue........................................................p.5 Criteria C The impact of the issue ..................................................................p.6 Criteria D Solutions to the problem arising ......................................................p.7 Works Cited ...............................................................................p.8 News Article: Privacy Concerns Could Limit Benefits from Real-Time Data Analysis.........p. 9 Criterion A: Presentation of the Issue Real-time data analysis technologies using mining techniques was once long use to help detect credit card fraud, but now it could be used in many more useful ways that could improve our lifestyles. Like reducing traffic congestions, give a new insight into human behavior and even improving health. But questions have been raised, how much of a person's life can be observed without getting too personal, but still enough that would help give the doctors enough information to improve their health issues? (Science Daily, 2009) Scientist would used real-time on people to study their interpersonal interactions and people go on their daily lives, which should help them get an idea of what their patient's day to day life is like which could help them, help the patient improve their health lives. ...read more.


Back in 1998, a drug store would send out reminders to their costumers who have not renewed their prescription medication. But soon criticism was received from costumers saying this was a violation in their privacy from their medication records. (Thearling, Kurt 1998) Even if it was just a reminder to their costumers, but in order to do so they would have at take a look into their costumer's files and medical records which could contain many sensitive and personal information. In issues of Privacy Times, Hendricks stated out that there are also many laws that could prevent from a successful data mining. These few laws could be found in the US, Canada and the European Union, that could impact the data mining directly or indirectly for the used of data mining technology by databases marketing organization. (Thearling, Kurt 1998) Thanks to these few law we might be safe from intentional or unintentional stealing of our personal data. But this is just a few laws, nowadays many could come up with loop holes that could make sure they would get the data they needed without going against these law. Criterion D: Solutions to Problems Arising from the Issue One approach to this problem is for example, hospitals analyzing medical records to see which treatment work best for a particle flue, they could use cryptography to encode the results, which would resolve in protect patient's privacy. ...read more.


"Until these issues are resolved, they are likely to be the limiting factor in realizing the potential of these new data to advance our scientific understanding of society and human behavior, and to improve our daily lives." Mitchell pointed out that the use of real-time data from individuals already has begun. In many cities, anonymous location data from smart phones is being used to provide up-to-the-minute reports of traffic congestion. Researchers have shown that by analyzing health-related Google queries from particular geographic areas, they can estimate the level of flu-like illnesses in regions of the U.S. before government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can provide estimates. Scientists are beginning to use real-time sensing of routine behavior to study interpersonal interactions as people go about their daily lives. Combining data sets could open up many new possibilities, as well as new privacy issues, Mitchell said. "For example, if your phone company and local medical center integrated GPS phone data with up-to-the-minute medical records, they could provide a new kind of medical service using phone GPS data to detect that you have recently been near a person who is just now being diagnosed with a contagious disease -- then automatically phoning to warn you." ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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