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ITGS: Tutorials, Training & Wizards

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Tutorials, training and wizards (assistants) Key Terms: Tutorial Software - Tutorial software's are types of programs which assist or guide a user to learn something. Tutorial software's in this case mainly play the role of a tutor or a teacher. Tutorial software's are generally designed to be user-friendly such that the user can be guided easily. One common example of a tutorial software is a Kanji learning program called the "LexiKAN 2.0". This main objective of this program is to provide the user lessons from which the user will be able to learn Kanji's. Training Software - Training software's are types of programs which help a user get training. This type of software is usually designed to let a trainee experience the actual circumstances as it would during a real situation. Training software's generally are used because they are efficient. It is cheaper to give training to trainee than actually building a real situation. The advantage this has is that companies can hire several trainees and train them with this software for minimal costs and risks. For example when the government wants to hire train drivers, they usually train them with the help of these training software's. Hence by this they can easily train the drivers without taking into account the costs of actual training which would be driving the actual train and risks such as train accidents. ...read more.


The situation doesn't really have a problem unless it's difficult to use or if it is non-existent. Both of these are rare occurrences. It really affects only business of companies that release software. An example of what is talked about in the essay is the "Mac fever". Converts to Macintosh prefer it to Windows and to these people Mac is considered an addiction. Also, the impact is global because software is available to most people who can afford it(to almost everyone) anywhere with relative ease. So the impact is fairly good. Social and Ethical Issues: The balance in responsibility between an individual and an organization for training: Training for jobs is necessary. This is done quite often, and in all companies. This is required so that the individual can 'get a hang' of things going on in the office, as well as to give him an idea of the future ahead of him. This is also done when an individual does not meet the needs of the company and the company feels that they can improve the individual by training him in that area. For example, if a person is an Economics post-graduate from oxford, and he is computer illiterate (this is an extreme idea but it is a simple one), then the company feels that they can expand his abilities by training him in computers. ...read more.


A simple example would be a new database system for a hotel. One can't expect to change the system one fine day and hope all the employees can keep up with the change. New features and characteristics need to be explained to maintain efficiency. If no training is given, many unnecessary mistakes will be made before a level of efficiency is reached. A hotel receptionist, could theoretically, misunderstand the system and book a week-long guest for an extra day. This could cost a lot for the guest who may remain unaware of the mistake. Practice makes perfect and training accelerates the training process making life easier for the company and the consumer- who don't suffer due to mistakes caused by not understanding changes. In some cases, training not only accelerates but is the only practically way of learning something. Telling a bunch of workers at an Ad agency to suddenly start using Photoshop to create layouts instead of paper would cause problems without training. It would take aeons for them to teach themselves and achieve a reasonable level of efficiency. The consumers, people ordering the Ads will probably suffer as a result of poor initial quality. Not training when implementing change can affect the product's consumers and as such be a requirement- besides, it will increase the efficiency of the company -unless the training is very costly. For consumers' sake, training must be provided by organizations implementing change. Sources: http://itgssyllabus.blogspot.com/2006/08/topic-117.html http://itgssyllabus.blogspot.com/2006/08/topic-118.html http://itgssyllabus.blogspot.com/2006/08/topic-114.html http://itgssyllabus.blogspot.com/2006/08/topic-116.html 1 ...read more.

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