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Take a Postition on the Global Water Crisis

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From an outsider's perspective, the Earth is perfectly set up for the existence of mankind. The one thing humans absolutely need for survival also happens to be the substance which covers most of our planet, and is by far the world's most abundant natural resource. So why do 87% of people in Afghanistan not have access to clean drinking water? ("Progress since the World Summit for Children: A Statistical Review." 6-7). Why do one in every six people go without the clean drinking water they need to survive? ("World Water Council"). It is a tragedy that like so many other things in the world, dominates the lives of the people it affects, and is largely forgotten by the people who are fortunate enough not to be impacted by it. Thankfully this is a problem which has very clear roots. ...read more.


As a people we have the resources necessary to insure that every person is supplied with enough clean water to survive. All that is left is for citizens of developed nations to begin to impart the knowledge and tools needed on third world countries which desperately need help. While water consumption might be the most pressing issue of the water crisis, there are many more needs for water. Americans use water for things from brushing their teeth to power washing the sides of their homes. This seems relatively extravagant when you consider that in Africa most people only get 15 liters of water per day. ("World Water Council"). Surprisingly, most water is not actually consumed by humans. Nearly 70% of the world's water is used for agriculture. Some of this is because in more arid climates, people need irrigation systems to be able to yield a crop at all. ...read more.


This makes it difficult for these "third world" nations to develop, because these industries are unable to survive in places where they cannot use water. Water is one of the most basic things on our planet, and as a result is taken for granted by people who have it in abundance. The fact that one in six people do not have clean water is a black eye for humanity. It is a disgrace to know that we waste water for frivolous uses, when we aren't even helping other nations gain access to it. Water is a critical resource for any nation to consume, grow things with, and use for its industries. This makes it extremely important that we help every country gain access to it. Not only from a humane standpoint for their citizens, but also to aid them in further developing as a country. If developed nations can help insure that every nation has the right to clean water, we will have taken a gigantic step towards ending the water crisis. ...read more.

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