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Art is a lie that brings us closer to the truth- Pablo Picasso. Discuss.

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"Art is a lie that brings us closer to the truth"- Pablo Picasso "Yes, I have tricks in my pocket; I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion." Art is exactly the same: it portrays the truth in the form of a camouflage of words, colour, and speech. People say that art is an imitation of reality; however, it is in fact the total opposite. Reality is restricted by the laws of nature, but art isn't. It is boundary-less; it can be an exaggeration of reality, it can be the total opposite of reality, it can even be something that is incomprehensible to everybody but the artist. Art is a manifestation of our inner most emotions that even words fall short in expressing. At times a piece of art, may be the craziest of things, and yet may have enormous philosophical implications. Art need not be an exact imitation of reality, it may in fact be a lie, and yet at the same time may compel us to view things in a different light: the truth. ...read more.


This brings up doubts as to whether art is an imitation of reality, or whether art is a better reality than the original. We define reality as what we see in front of us, but this is restricted- we may want something completely different, than what reality gives us, such as the death of a relative- this is obviously undesirable, but it is also inevitable. Art however, lets us create our own reality- it lets us live in a completely different world, a world of our choice. This is why a reality created through art has the appearance of utopia, as compared to what we live in now. However, if art is a lie to the extent of a false reality, how does this bring us closer to the truth? Art may in fact be a lie, but through that lie it helps us understand ourselves much better- it allows us to go deeper into our souls, and in a way, it gives us some absolution. Art is not only a way of self-understanding, but is also path to help convey a message to society. ...read more.


However, the term 'imitation' does not necessarily have to refer to a copy-paste mechanism- it could also talk about a depiction of reality through different ways, such as the novel a Doll's house, as mentioned above. Through fictional characters, a lie, Ibsen conveyed the truth about the Norwegian reality. Art is in fact a lie that brings us closer to the truth, because it is not reality, but it portrays a reality that we prefer, and so it brings us closer to the reality that we perceive. Art is a mere refined form of the reality that we perceive- it brings out all our desires and emotions. Art also helps us understand ourselves in a better light, it reveals certain things about ourselves, and societies that we never noticed, or chose never to notice. There is so much hidden under just one canvas, or one book, that it is enticing just exploring it: the choice of words or colours reveals so much about the artist, that it is a far greater truth than what our eyes show us. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arjun Puri Grade 11 TOK ...read more.

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