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Is there Truth in Art?

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12 Apr. 27, 12 Is there Truth in Art? Art is all things made by man which are collectively perceived to have creative value, including but not limited to: elegant mathematical proofs, interesting cosmological models, paintings, and great literary works. All of these ?frivolous? activities by their nature lead us closer to truth. Plato will of course disagree with this claiming that by further skewing the shadows on the walls of his cave we are obviously further from truth. However, isn?t refocusing our lens the best way to capture more of the picture. ...read more.


This offers us a liberating new glance towards beliefs we may already hold. While it can be argued that culture affects our perception too heavily to be open to new ideas portrayed in art, through expression of a new way in approach those who wish to see beyond what their rose coloured glasses show them, have an opportunity to see. In an epistemological pursuit for knowledge, language is a way to express new paradigms and reform old ones. The central problem is without a universal way of expression it is difficult to transmit knowledge across our diverse peoples. ...read more.


Similarly, in the case of the epicycles, this perfectly crafted idea was destroyed by Copernicus and Galileo only after it had been understood. An iconoclast cannot fulfil his duty without knowledge of the traditional knowledge he is destroying. These artistic representations give us a way into both seeing and understand the current in order to create the future. As a new way of seeing and a way into understanding, ideas with artistic appeal give us a collective view of the world that no other species, which we know of, is privileged with. We are given the gift of not only experiencing the world around us, but trying to comprehend it. ...read more.

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