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Sense Perception - "The subjectivity of sense perception is an asset in Art but a liability in Science." Discuss.

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TOK Sense Perception Essay "The subjectivity of sense perception is an asset in Art but a liability in Science."In layman's terms, the statement says that Art benefits from sense perception whilst Science is restricted. As it seems on the surface, this statement appears true. However, as we dive further in, we discover other ideas regarding this statement. Sense perception is how an individual person interprets information of the world through his/her mind. Art and science are very broad areas of knowledge so I will explore how sense perception influences these areas. Art is certainly rooted from the idea of sense perception. ...read more.


Different people, depending on their 'sense perception', would do these activities differently. This is why, in an artistic point of view, it would be considered an asset. Science is how we interpret and explain how everything in the physical world works and so sense perception could only refute or skew the general laws and truths. Over the past few centuries, our sciences and how we understand the world has excelled greatly upon knowing how things work from the discovery of the cell to the discovery of the evolution. However, even today, we have people such as religionists that continue the contradict these laws. ...read more.


For example, Isaac Newton's story of his theory of gravity is of him viewing an apple fall to the earth. One may see that simply see that as, however, Newton's sense perception allowed him to realize that the Earth's center drew the apple the fall. So upon seeing this example, we can deduce that the innovation of science is sense perception. Furthermore, we may not continue discovering new things without someone seeing things such as how Newton saw the Earth attract the apple. In conclusion, to some degree, the statement lies true that sense perception is an asset to Art but a liability to science. However, sense perception, as a 'way of knowing', is a human trait that has allowed us to create, discover and innovate new things, in all kinds of forms. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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