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TOK mathematics knowledge at work

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´╗┐Bancroft Elizabeth Bancroft Mrs. Gallaher Theory of Knowledge 28 October 2012 Knowledge at Work Math could be the next step towards the cure for cancer Recently, I came across an article regarding math as a practical use later in life. This article explained how the process of math is potentially useful in discovering the cure for cancer. ...read more.


Doron Levy, University of Maryland associate professor of mathematics, Peter P. Lee, Stanford Medical School physician, and Peter S. Kim of France, created a mathematic model to create a vaccination for the cancer. Patients with the disease were given an optimally timed cancer vaccine. The timing for administering the drug was determined based on their own immune response. ...read more.


I think that this discovery proves the fact that science and math are connected very closely in both the classroom and in real life experiments. I have always wanted to do scientific research on helping to cure cancers, but I had always thought it was only scientific research. Now we have a better answer when people complain about the ?point? to learning higher levels of complicated math: it could cure cancer! ...read more.

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