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What Don't You Know?

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Information is a blessing, a burden, a motive, and a deterrent- all-depending on how it is viewed and who acts as the viewer. As a viewer, I always force myself to take a second glance, to look back over my shoulder, even if I know nothings there. As a visual learner, I have the ability to conceptualize these moments and record them in my brain, down to every reaction. However, my experience volunteering in the American Red Cross Braille department has enabled me to conceptualize to what extent my sight remains a desideratum in my personal learning process. I was required to learn the Braille alphabet and number system. ...read more.


Sight allows me to look at the world objectively or biasly, but these observations are my own and remain backed by my own life experiences. Frankly, I can never completely understand something, until I can see it and color it with my own perspective. Through my life, I have learned to believe that the Earth has 7 continents and 5 oceans, but I have never had the experience of counting them beyond the realm of a map. I assume that the moon is 238,857 miles away, but I have yet the opportunity to measure it. Information is so powerful that the assumption of information, even if the information does not actually exist, can have a sobering effect. ...read more.


Sight can turn conventional wisdom on its head because it bothers to challenge explanation for many issues that often go unexamined, unquestioned, and not corrected. For example, I know what love is because I have witnessed it everyday in the warmth of my home and the comforts of my school. Personally, I believe that love is a word that has numerous inaccurate definitions. Regardless, you just can't pin it down with six or seven meanings. Love transcends meaning. This feeling exists beyond the realm of language, but I know it exists because I see it everyday. It is that feeling in the pit of you stomach that occurs when you see someone you truly care about or even when you see a couple holding hands. However, I do not know what love means to you because I have yet to see the world through your eyes. ...read more.

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