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What is the role of sense perception in the various areas of knowledge, for example, history or ethics? How does it differ across the disciplines? Is it more important in relation to some disciplines than others? Is there any knowledge that is completely

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What is the role of sense perception in the various areas of knowledge, for example, history or ethics? How does it differ across the disciplines? Is it more important in relation to some disciplines than others? Is there any knowledge that is completely independent of sense perception? Sense perception is defined as "Awareness of an object of thought, especially that of apparently external objects through use of the senses." (Kemerling) Its role varies between the different areas of knowledge. It is more important to natural science, human science, history and arts in relation to mathematics and ethics. Humans and animals receive information with their senses. We smell the fragrance of flowers, and hear the sound of birds chirping; we feel the smoothness of a silk sheet, taste the bitter taste of olives and see pictures of loved ones. The body is designed to deal with these senses. When we touch something hot the body reacts by a stimulus and the sensory nerves carry the information to the brain which makes us remove our hand from the hot object. Also with hearing, when the sound waves reach are eardrums it vibrates and our brains translate these vibrations into sound. ...read more.


and data derived by means of impartial observation of psychological experience (subjective phenomena)." (Wikipedia) I think human science relates mostly to balance, touch, hearing and vision senses. If you spin fast around a few times in a chair, you feel dizzy. Dizziness affects vision. When you are dizzy, you feel that what you are looking at is spinning around you. Because of this, you rely on your touch sense to become aware of your surroundings. When you stand up you may think that you are about to fall over because your stance is slightly bent and your walking is staggered. This is because the balance sense is off for the reason that the balance mechanism in your ear is not functioning properly. Why does this happen? The labyrinth organ in our ears works together with our vision and balance so that we sustain the same body position. When this organ is not working properly, it throws off the balance of the whole body. This is also, why people experience dizziness when they have an ear infection. (NIDCD) "History is the study of the past, with special attention to the written record of the activities of human beings over time." ...read more.


There is a belief that art is a communicator by sight and not by hearing such as illustration arts. An artist can paint or draw a picture of a battle scene, communicating to people the gruesome and horrific situations. The viewer of the painting can learn the same information through this painting or drawing as they would if they heard from someone. Ethics are "the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation." (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary) Therefore people's opinions about right and wrong are different due to cultural differences and beliefs. One of the main controversies in the world is animal rights and the idea that animals should not be killed. I live in Bermuda and we do not kill possums so that we can make fur coats so if I was to go abroad and witness it firsthand I would be disgusted. However, if I saw people killing animals often than it wouldn't disgust me because I am so used to seeing it. In conclusion, the role of sense perception within the areas of knowledge disciplines varies enormously. In my opinion I think that sense perception is more important to history, arts, natural science and human science because those four are mostly based on perceptions. ...read more.

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