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A sense of Loss

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Several of mansfield's short stories are concerned with a sense of loss - whether it be of identity, ambition or within a relationship. Discuss the use of this theme in several of the stories in the garden party. Katherine Mansfield's uses 'a sense of loss' as a theme in numerous short stories in order for the reader to sympathize and understand her characters' on a much deeper level. A sense of loss - this basically stands for one losing something or is being deprived of something that he/she once had, whether it be a material, emotion, or people. ...read more.


An excerpt from the story where she "Thought she heard something cry" suggests the sadness she feels as she replaces her fur back into the box. Miss Brill lost what kept her content and she prefered her imagination rather than reality. In the story 'The life of Ma Parker', Ma Parker's grandson, Lennie, dies and the story is developed as a kind of psychological lapse of events. Ma Parker keeps on revisiting the past and memories of Lennie. He was all Ma Parker had left in her life and when he passed away, she felt nothing else but completely alone in the world. ...read more.


The story 'Daughters of the late Colonel' revolves aroud two young girls, and because the influence of their strict and overprotective father, they have lost the cheery and quirky characters or identity they once had when they were little and have become somewhat clueless about the world. This shows that it is not just physical death or loss that Mansfield's stories are concerned with, but loss here can mean the death of identity, ambition, and even the loss of character. Katherine Mansfield portrays a sense of loss in her stories because she wants the reader to connect to her characters' and understand the points in which they came from and how loss affects her characters' and the stories. ...read more.

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