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Analtytical exposition of Kafkas metamorphosis

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Analytical Exposition Alienation is formed of exclusion and betrayal that has repeatedly been presented in the text which has been an end result of the discourses adopted by a character, which may be overall rejected by society. Such rejection is established in Kafka's Metamorphosis' where the upholding of inappropriate or alternative discourses eventually causes Gregor to be marginalized. That is to say that, in society marginalization is due to unconventional behavior, which is evidently illustrated in the book. The challenging of his body form and its entrapment to speak it values a key point in the novel which apparently causes marginalization that changes his life. Existentialism in the novel is generally constructed in the form of suicide, misanthropism; death and guilt. However, when such features are presented marginalization is the outcome? This is most noticeably the case with Gregor, whose life was a normal human life, until the changing Metamorphosis which seemed to cause a certain degree of exclusion and aggravation from Gregor's family. As a result Gregor leaves the world quietly and with guilt by his side which was input by his very own family. ...read more.


"My dear parents said his sister slapping her hand on the table by way of introduction"- the beginning of the argument. Such marginalization is presented in the book The Metamorphosis, where Gregor is alienated. Thus, being accepted or marginalized is dependant on the discourses one chooses to embrace. This marginalization is directed mainly from the family who discourages and excludes Gregor because the Metamorphosis. Moreover, Gregor is not only one marginalized by the family but also by the author. Because of the discourses Kafka embraces, such as by changing his body form and to be unable to speak. Also by his boss as he is always asking for his payments that Gregor can not pay with his body in the form of an insect. Another form of marginalization that occurs, to some degree, is when he is not able to eat people food but his characteristics have betrayed Gregor which changed the way he act towards food At first Gregor's sister is helpful any way she can by feeding him and cleaning his room where he stayed as an insect then soon later Gregor's sister betrays Gregor as well ...read more.


In the novel it ends to a suicidal death. Gregor starves himself due to the neglect the family has input in Gregor's metamorphosis body of his Kafka written this book in(date) it is seen as an ironic foil to reality of Gregor's transformation into a parasite, I have approached it in this way, I believe the primary emphasis of the Metamorphosis is not upon Gregor, but on his family, as they abandon their dependence on Gregor and learn to be self-sufficient. Further more in reality he is trapped in a meaningless job and isolated from human beings around him, Gregor is thought of an insect by himself and by others, so he becomes one. Kafka has successfully evoked sympathy from the reader which in turn makes the reader more captivated by the story and has also vividly portrayed a stranded character of Gregor; Samsa.Kafka also successfully depicts the contrasting thoughts and feelings of Gregor. Gregor feels as a culprit for all the problems his family faces, and looks for his own fault for all the betrayals he experiences. These thoughts and feeling eventually lead to the demise of the story, Gregor's life, metamorphosis and the ongoing betrayals. Daniel Chong ...read more.

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