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bThis passage, written in third person is an extract from the novel Back by Henry Green which is about a young man named Charley. He is miserable and poignant about Roses death.

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This passage, written in third person is an extract from the novel 'Back by Henry Green' which is about a young man named Charley. He is miserable and poignant about Rose's death. As well as the reader is informed about a little boy at the end of the extract who the reader can assume to be their child 'boy of about six came'. Furthermore, with Rose's death and the little boy at the end of the extract we see a close interaction between life and death. This extract is set in a rural setting, at a grave yard in England. However during Rose's death Charley was in France and 'lost his leg there'. Therefore the reader can presume that Charley losing his leg may have some relation with Rose dying. Maybe they both were so deeply in love that when something happened to one person, something even happened to the other. ...read more.


Furthermore 'briar' is a plosive word which intensifies the idea of death. On the other hand 'roots' can also show birth as it supports the tree and that's how a tree lives. Moreover this tress could also be seen as their family tree. However ,when the author mentions 'that if a person's nature is at all alive after he or she has gone ,than she could never imagine herself here nailed into a box in total darkness' conveys that Rose may have been a happy and bubbly personality as the writer mentions that she could never imagine herself in darkness. As well as the 'nailed box' foreshadows death as it talks about the coffin where a death body lies. Futhermore the reader finds out about a little boy who we could assume to be her child and this may leave space for a new beginning of life for Charley. ...read more.


The writer uses complex sentences to convey how complicated life has become for Charley as the person he lived for was no longer there. Also the diction is very simple however the writer uses word play which makes the text more interesting to read. Furthermore, with the use of adjectives the writer makes his writing rich and interesting 'blood coloured bricks' with the use of 'blood' it attracts the reader's attention that why would the writer feel the bricks to be the colour of blood. This adjective plays a major role as it informs the reader that the extract would be of someone dying or then or than war.As blood symbolises both of them. To conclude, feel this introduction is very interesting and sets the tone, mood and atmosphere for the rest of the novel. It brings in a brief description of what the novel would be about. As well as it leaves the reader curious t know who the little boy would be. Hence, this extract talks about Charley and his love for Rose which might slowly deteriorate. ...read more.

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