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Capitu's Letter to Bento

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IB English 11 Joy Fan Blk. H February 12, 2009 My Dearest Bento, For days I have been debating whether or not to write you this letter. I have yet to recall any other situation in which I have encountered such a confused state of mind. This predicament so to speak is most bewildering. You should remember, Bento, what seems like eternity ago when we were children, I always knew the right time and place for everything, and I was a master at impromptu acting. Perhaps my flair for decisiveness only ever worked when dealing with other people. All my wits seem to run dry and my charm is never up to par when I am dealing with you, Bento. You truly are my vice. Surprisingly, I am writing this letter on the windowsill while peering out onto the open streets of Switzerland. You never really did take any liking into my standing by the window, and I have always made a mental note not to do so. ...read more.


I do hope it is not still the issue with Escobar that is troubling you after all this time. Dear Bento, you are simply being childish whenever you openly or fleetingly accuse me of unfaithfulness! The very thought of going behind your back to be with anyone else but you revolts me, I beg of you to keep that in mind dear, for I love you and you only, not just for being the father of my child, but for being my lifelong companion and loving angel... Oh how I miss you so! The other day while I was walking down the road, I happened to notice a man not similar in countenance to you, but was one who carried an air very similar to yours when he walked. Do forgive me as I confess I watched the man walk on until he was lost in the distance. ...read more.


Bento, I cannot find more excuses to postpone your visit, and you should have no reason not to come, if even it is only for the boy's sake. You will see, he has grown into a handsome young fellow. I have enclosed a sketch that I did in my free time, and I do hope it is a good resemblance. The other day he said the most intelligent thing! I also promised that he will be the one to tell his father when he gets here, as he also thinks it is an ample demonstration of his intellect. I'm sure he'll grow up to be just as knowing and eloquent as his father. Bento, I implore you to come see me. I have heard you have already made a trip, but why haven't I seen you? Surely you aren't ignoring me on purpose? Bento, please. I do hope we can reconcile and put our differences aside... Your loving wife and faithful companion, P.s. Do send my best to Dona Gloria and the others! ...read more.

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