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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Act 1 Summary

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Summary- Act One The play Cat On A Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams is set in Mississippi, USA in the Big pollit mansion on a cotton plantation owned by the protagonist family. The play starts off with one of the lead characters, Margaret, entering her and her husband, Brick?s bedroom in a frenzy because the no-neck monsters (Brick?s brother Gooper and his wife Mae?s children) had ruined her dress. Maggie is the plays cat on a hot tin roof as it is said in the act where she refers her self as such. It is also evident that she craves Brick?s love and that his refusal to granther that has not affected her physically as she proudly flaunts her body to Brick to show off how it has ?remained intact?, but she claims it has turned her hard, nervous and bitter. ...read more.


As the first act progresses, Maggie catches Brick staring at her and she claims that he was staring at Maggie’s “hideous transformation” into Maggie the Cat, which further emphasizes her claim that Brick’s refusal to lay with her has made her that way. Maggie starts to converse with Brick about how she feels lonely which is expressed when she says “Living with someone you love can be lonelier than living entire alone! If the one that y’ love doesn't love you…” and Brick replies with a blasé attitude “Would you like to live alone Maggie?” this shows that Brick does not care if Maggie doesn’t want to live with Brick anymore. However in a certain aspect, Maggie appreciates Brick’s indifference to things around him, which is Brick’s performance as sexual partner. ...read more.


It is also implied that Brick does not care about living with Maggie or not as long as he gets the click for which he keeps on drinking. However, there is a point in the first act where Brick loses his cool attitude and shows some form of emotion (anger) when the topic of his friend Skipper is brought up. This shows to the audience that the topic of Skipper is like a fresh cut to Brick. Bricks sensitivity to the subject is shown when he tries to hit Maggie because she wouldn?t shut up about Skipper. Act one ends with Maggie revealing to Brick that she wants to have a child but Brick replies coldly ?How in hell on earth do you imagine ? that you?re going to have a child by a man that can?t stand you? This confirms the previous point which is that Brick does not love Maggie. ...read more.

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