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Chronicle of a Death Foretold Commentaries

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A Town Connected Throughout Chronicle of a Death Foretold, a fictional novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you meet a lot of characters. In truth, you meet the whole town in the first chapter. This tight knit community is devastated by Santiago's murder, and are all so interconnected that it is hard to know one without the other. It is odd though that in this tight knit community where everyone knew a murder was going to be committed, that no one did anything to stop it. This is realised in the first chapter. The first people you meet are the people who are closely tied to Santiago Nasar. Victoria Guzm�n is one of the first characters you meet. She cooks for the Nasar family. She is introduced as she is removing rabbit guts from a rabbit in the kitchen. After Santiago grabs her daughters crotch Victoria reveals that she was once Ibrahim Nasar's mistress. She still hates Ibrahim for keeping her as his mistress and does her best to keep his son, Santiago, away from her daughter, Divina Flor. Victoria learns early on the morning of the murder that Santiago is going to be murdered, but says nothing to him. ...read more.


Clotilde Armenta makes an attempt to save Santiago's life. She tries making the twins drunk, and she tries to get people to tell him or his family to save him. However none of her messages get through. The only other person who makes a very pitiful attempt at saving Santiago is Colonel Aponte. He first hears of the twins' plot to kill Santiago after Leandro Pornoy, tells him. He does not take the threat too seriously, because when he sees the twins, they seem fairly sober. He takes their knives away and feels assured that they will not carry out their plan. However the twins just go get new knives, sharpen them, and carry out the deed. In a town so small, and so interconnected, how would such a well publicized murder is carried out? Either they believed that the twins would not carry out the deed, or that they had a personal problem with Santiago. The people who tried did very pitiful attempts with the exception of Cristo Bedoya who does everything he can to save Santiago. In a town where everyone knows each other, it is hard to believe that even 27 years later, they still do not know all the facts. ...read more.


this quote from the book indicates that the brothers felt that the death was justified because they were doing it for honour. And in this Latin American country they were allowed to because of gender and religious roles. After spending a mere three years in prison Pedro joins the army again and is never to be seen from and Pablo marries Prudencia Cotes. Neither of the twins seems to feel long term repercussions due to the fact they murdered someone. When Pablo and Pedro murdered Santiago, they felt fully justified in what they did. Based off their sister's words they killed Santiago because they believed he deflowered their sister, whether this was truth or not is never known. The gender and religion roles in the area give them the right to carry out the act and live guiltless for the rest of their lives. In Gabriel Garcia Marquez's fictional novel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold Pablo and Pedro are innocent, before God and before man according to themselves. They defended their family honour and therefore will not be punished. They are two innocent men. After stalling the whole morning the rest of their lives they live guilt free. They're free of everything, even though the blood of someone is on their hands. The blood of someone, who may have been innocent all along. ...read more.

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