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Comparative essay between Adela from The house of Bernarda Alba and Antigone from Antigone

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Comparative essay between Adela from "The house of Bernarda Alba" and Antigone from "Antigone" In both "Antigone" and "The house of Bernarda Alba", Antigone and Adela are displayed as modern tragic heroine, since Federico Lorca and Jean Anouilh supply them both with the characteristics of a modern tragic hero. These characteristics include a tragic flaw (which leads to their downfalls), noble backgrounds or origins, their suffering in isolation and a moment of recognition. Both writers use female heroine to convey the struggle between individuality and conventional society, however both writers use different styles in writing in order to differentiate between both characters and what they represent. A tragic flaw is one of the four major characteristics of a tragic hero. Both Adela and Antigone suffered from embroidered pride which eventually leads to both their downfalls. ...read more.


In both cases the downfalls of these female heroine were their deaths whether by suicide or through conviction to death. A tragic hero/heroine usually goes through a moment of recognition also known as the epiphany that enlightens both him/her as well as the audience. Most of the time this moment of recognition is accompanied by feelings of regret and redemption, for instance in "Antigone" towards the end of the text Antigone reflects doubt towards her principles. On the other hand Adela receives no moment of recognition. Another characteristic of a tragic hero is that they suffer in isolation. Antigone is shown sympathy (in Creon's attempt to prevent her death) however on the other hand Adela is shown no sympathy in fact it's quite the contrary her downfall was actually encouraged by Bernada (however not directly but deliberately). ...read more.


Adela name originally comes from the Spanish word 'adelantar' which means to go forward or to overtake; this name is significant since she overtook Bernarda's authority by breaking her stick (which represents authority). Adela is the youngest, most attractive, spirited, and rebellious of Bernarda's daughters. As Magdalena says of her, Adela "still has her illusions," and thus has difficulty submitting to the strong will of her mother, who keeps all the daughters under tight reign. As a form of rebellion, Adela puts on a green birthday dress and goes out in the yard shouting, "Chickens, look at me!" She craves social interaction and cannot bear to be locked away from the world. In conclusion Antigone is revealed as a passionate, courageous, stubborn and ideal character through her determination towards burying her brother. And Adela is revealed as a confident, determined, young, attractive lady through her constant needs for desire and her intent towards getting married against her mother's wishes. By David Kopti IB1A Word count: 750 ...read more.

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