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Creative Writing - The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Creative Writing It was a warm summer's night and a slight breeze blew over the freshly mown grass. The air rushed through the open window, causing the velvety curtains to billow. Voices could be heard from inside, two deep male voices, and two slightly shrill female ones, they were obviously enjoying themselves lustfully. Their laughter echoed out onto porch and beyond into the garden. Then two shadows slowly emerged from the light of the house, the shadows were followed by two woman. One walked majestically, like an orchid her slender body obvious beneath the white dress. The other looked both sad and lovely, she looked beautiful at first site but there was a sadness beneath the white dress she wore. ...read more.


Next to me were four candles, their flames dancing around on the wax. The charming looking girl then said "Why candles?" "In two days it will be the longest day of the year" She walked over to where I was standing and put out the candles, she and the other three sat down. I was still standing there and still no-one made the effort to take off the cork and drink a glass of wine. Then the girl that had put out the candles said "Look" eyeing her little finger, which was green and blue, "You did it" she chided the complacent straw-haired man "That's what I get for marrying a brute of a man, a great, big, hulking physical specimen of a -- " He retorted that he never wanted to be called hulking again. ...read more.


Suddenly Tom's hand jerked out and grabbed me, he violently pulled the cork off the top and poured everyone a glass of wine. Few minutes later conversations were going normally again, Daisy had been appeased, and now she and Jordan spoke simultaneously as their high-pitched chatter and laughing broke the silence of the night. Then suddenly the man who had been silent for most of the time said "You make me feel so uncivilized, Daisy" This remark was greeted by the haughty man who I had gathered was called Tom spurting out "Civilizations going to pieces" and he talked on, his eyes gleaming as though he had just said something extremely intelligent and he felt like an erudite professor who knew something arcane and clandestine the others did not. "Have you read 'The Rise of the Colored Empires' by this man Goddard?" ...read more.

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