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Critical Thinking Essay

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Julie Gu 09-12-08 Second Period Critical Thinking Essay A myriad of scholars from all over the five continents have concurred that the universally essential skill of critical thinking will have a remarkable impact on the minds of individuals. Critical thinking has been defined as the ability for the brains to critically study a variety of resources and is widely exercised for the purpose of analyzing the information and eventually forming reasonable judgments based on the analysis. The key words associating with critical thinking are observation, evaluation, and application. ...read more.


The importance of fostering the skill of critical thinking can be seen through the manners in which a person thinks. Those who lack the proper practice of thinking critically will display a significantly less extensive answer when asked to perform an analysis. On the contrary, individuals who employ critical thinking on a regular basis will be able to evaluate the provided resources in numerous ways instead of just one. Their answers are frequently in-depth and more or less precise. Consequently, allowing the mind to think critically can help a person to view certain subject matters from different angles. ...read more.


For instance, evaluating a particular piece of literature almost always involves gathering relevant information from the presented language, analyzing the collected information, and efficiently drawing logical conclusions from the examined information such as the meaning of a phrase or the intention of the author. This process is extremely similar to that of critical thinking, and for that reason is the study of literature a way to develop critical thinking. Succeeding in thinking critically may also entail the broadening of one's own viewpoints, and such action, as mentioned before, will allow the critical thinker to look at a situation differently. Thus the learning of literature can help expanding the person's knowledge and viewpoints. ...read more.

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