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Dehumanization is Around Us - The Chocolate War sends the message that dehumanization occurred by blind obedience to power and authority

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Dehumanization is Around Us I was a normal girl when I was in elementary school, but after what I did, all my classmates worshiped me as a ?hero.? I remember I was in grade five; my Chinese teacher was really cruel. If the students did not do their homework, he will punished the students by clapped their face. Not only the teacher could clap the students? face, he also asked all the students in class to clap the punished student?s face. If anyone did not want to do that or clapped softly, he or she will be the one to be clapped next. There was one student did not do his homework because his father died and he had to take care of his mother and sisters. He explained to the teacher, but the teacher thought he was lying so he asked all the students in the class to clap his face. As no one want to be the next victim they all clapped his face hardly. Finally it?s my turn, but I could not do that because he was my best friend. I told the teacher ?Sorry! I can?t.? The teacher answered me ?Never mind, just be clapped 30 times, it?s not a big duel.? After that, I was standing in front of 30 people and waiting for them to clap my face. ...read more.


It seems as if Brother Leon actually enjoys watching Archie Traumatize and controls the students. Similarly, Brother Leon taunts and controls the teachers and administrators, as well as the students. He defames Bailey as a cheater. He says, ?Why do you find it necessary to cheat?? (The Chocolate War) When Bailey is facing Brother Leon?s questions, he is seeking to help of the class. However, the class is utterly silent; no one is willing to come out and defense of him. Brother Leon humiliates Bailey pleasing his own satisfaction for showing his power. Also, the sadism inside his soul scapegoats an innocent victim to make his subjects prove their loyalty like the chocolate sale. The corrupt and cowardly Leon underscores Archie?s nihilistic belief. He is as evil as Brother Leon. His own personal sense that he is lacking in humanity also feels a sense of ?self-disgust,? especially when he is introducing a new assignment by interrogating a student. When he tells the Goober that the assignment is not anything personal, it is like the depersonalization or dehumanization of the subject performing the assignment. Moreover, The Vigils hold their conference in a windowless room with guards, comparable to a prison cell. The prison cell represents ?close confinement? fosters the sadistic dynamics like the Stanford experiment. The guards are severely violating the rules of the experiment and their initial commitment. ...read more.


Resembling neither the Stanford experiment nor the Milgram experiment, both of the experiments cannot be accomplished without any character. The prisoners? disobedience provokes the guard?s evil lead to raise a disturbance of the tragedy. The stratification of the Milgram experiment is the experimenter gives an order and the teachers follow blindly. Without the experimenter?s instruction, the teachers won?t do it by violating the ?conscientiousness.? Also, without the teachers? submission, the experiment won?t be carried out. When I was 16 years old, all my friends were smokers. They always smoked around me, and tried to make me became one of them. At first, I really hate smoking, and I will stop them if they smoked. However, they keep convincing me and told me they won?t be my friends if I did not smoke, so I listened to them. After one month, my mother saw me in the street and I was smoking with them. My mother asked me to quit, but I did not agree. I told my mother: ?They are my friends, if I don?t smoke, they won?t be my friends anymore.? My mother said: ?If they are your good friends, they won?t let you to smoke. They know the bad effects of smoking, but they still teach you to do that.? After that day, I stopped smoking. Now, I know that if all the people around me are doing one thing but I am not, it makes me become a ?special person?. However, I am who I am; I don?t have to change myself by peer pressure to become one of them. ...read more.

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