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Describe the theme of opposites in "Wuthering Heights".

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Creative Response BINARY OPPOSITES J.H. Dirty and haunted, in the middle of nowhere, lays the Moor of Yorkshire. It is a place so far away from civilization that blanks people?s faces when its name is brought up in daily chatters. It is also where heaven and hell collides, and separated by the cold barren moors, two once glorious and significant estates. Dilapidated walls, grotesque carvings, the gigantic but shallow stone-house by the name of Wuthering Heights, or hell. Surrounded by penetrating coldness, and stuffed with patches of dirt and evil, the stone mansion is no different to a demonic, isolated world where dreams vanish and hopes disappear. ...read more.


Only two can still be identified; ?Heathcliff? and ?Hindley?. Their life stories, carved on the back of the gravestone by their enemies. Heathcliff, a dirty ragged, black haired child who?s incredibly rude, and Hindley, another resident of the dark society who drinks constantly, gambles religiously, and treats others with very little courtesy. Wuthering Heights cuts a sharp contrast to the warm, civilized and heavenly residence , Thruscross Grange. It is a joyful world from inside out. Lit with light and warmth, and embroidered with the rarest but most beautiful flowers that spread fragrance of the sweetest honey. Laughter and giggles echo under the bright, shining sun where angels dance and sing. ...read more.


The Lintons, who had the honour of living in such a luxury are very polite and respectable people who conduct themselves morally and justly. Edgar, the soft-hearted man who is very fragile and serene ?had a sweet low manner of speaking?. His sister Isabella is much the same, recorded as a ?charming young lady? and ?possessed of a keen wit?. They?re obviously very civilized and humane, and have been safely protected from outside contaminations and from bitter wind, straight from the moors behind the firm walls of Thruscross Grange. These two houses are practically right next to each other, yet they?re so different. Who would think the two sides of the dirty boors would be two completely different worlds? One formidable and disgusting, and the other so classy and glamorous. In conclusion, Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange are of hell and of heaven. ...read more.

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