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How does love and suffering connect the characters and their lives in Allende's HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS and Laura's Esquivel LIKE WATER FOR CHOCLATE?

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World literature essay How does love and suffering connect the characters and their lives in Allende's HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS and laura's esquivel LIKE WATER FOR CHOCLATE?" Compiled By: Karandeep Bhalla Candidate Number: Subject: English SL Year: 2007-2009 Words: 1719 The insight of placing LOVE and SUFFERING as the soul of world literature approached with the renaissance of whole English literature. One of the most magnificent and astonishing LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE world has ever witnessed, Laura Esquirel's Like Water For Chocolate and Allende's THE House Of The Spirits giving a breathtaking sensation to the readers. The contrast of the all the characters in both the works by female authors has been appreciably done. Minor themes emerging from the backgrounds have played a vital role in developing the plot of the story. Both the works portray Love as the most basic and essential ingredient in the saga of destined protagonists. Going all the way through the works, there is a special connection between the characters which is either destined or a bonding which can be called Love or Suffering. Both the works have exceptional opening right away building relations between different characters. Floating over the sea of romance, heartbreak, sacrifice and suffering both the works intensifies as the plot develops. There is a profound link between love and suffering as between the sea and water. In the novel "Like Water For Chocolate" the immortal love of a destined protagonist Tita changes into suffering because of assorted efforts of Mama Elena, her mother and Pedro Muzquiz, her soul-mate. ...read more.


On her the food seemed to act as an aphrodisiac" From the above reference it can be evidently said that the love and heat she was carrying was too much for her to handle. This love of Tita for Pedro and enlightening of the sexual desires and heat in Gertrudis was responsible for the lives of Juan, his lover and her to cross and overlap each others path that wiped out her sufferings caused by the heat. Allende's "The House Of The Spirits" equally encloses the crossing over of the paths of different characters because of Love and suffering. A love triangle can be seen between Jaime, Amanda and Jaime's brother Nicholas. This frustrated love between them resulted nowhere but torment for all of them. This love makes a weird connection between their lives. Hidden love in Jaime, for Amanda develops a pure relation between their souls which they think is weaker than their love for Nicholas. It can be felt that their thought was right because if their love was eternal then this weakness could have been the strongest element and their paths which diverted could have been overlapping making their dreadful past a pleasant future. 4"But to have recognized Amanda, he (Jaime) must have loved her a great deal." The narration above depicts that the love of Jaime was pure and true. But some times just love is not enough to cure every suffering. ...read more.


A silence which allows her to develop her psychic powers and to re-form herself. The narration below 9"She decided that speaking was pointless and locked herself in silence." justifies that Clara was not only attached to her thoughts but was combined with her thoughts and herself and this made her to connect with many peoples life by just using her psychic powers and with herself too. In conclusion, it can be said that the concept of love, mostly unrequited and suffering used in connecting characters has been used effectively making a silver platter for readers with love and suffering used like siblings. Each and every character is connected to each other irrespective of its part in the novel. Laura and Allende's thoughts has beautifully worked out the theme of love and suffering for the two unconventional works. Word Count: 1720 1 Pg 69 - Para 1, Line 1, April, Like Water For Chocolate 2 Pg 90 - Para 2, line 2, Chapter 3, The House Of The Spirits 3 Pg 51 - Para 5, line 2, March, Like Water For Chocolate 4 Pg 337 - Para 2, line 9, chapter 11, The House Of The Spirits 5 Pg 150 - Para 2, line 2, August, Like Water For Chocolate 6 Pg 177 - Para 1, line 26, chapter 6, 7 Pg 108 - Para 4, line 3, June, Like Water For Chocolate 8 Pg 108 - Para 5, line 1, June, Like Water For Chocolate 9 Pg 73 - Para 1, line 1, Chapter 3, The House Of The Spirits ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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