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I am Cassandra. I was a princess, a cursed prophetess, daughter of the king of Troy

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I was a princess, a cursed prophetess, daughter of the king of Troy, Priam. Hii!! Fortune, now I am a concubine of the king of Argos, Agamemnon. In addition, I?m on the most critical stage of my life. I?m very near of my death. Sometimes later I will die. I know that death is a intense true. However, I can see, I have to see my death that fate has kept in store for me. How horrible to see the scene of own murder. Oh!! I am scared at the vision of the ax of the woman. Clytemnestra?..shining ax?..Oh!! God save me. How cruelty the death is!!! It?s unbearable. I can also see the death of Agamemnon by his own wife, Clytemnestra. She will be the victim of revenge by her own son, Orestes. What a life it is!! Is it called life?? Now I?m in the house of death. It?s a house of god hates, where men are killed and the floor is red with blood. ...read more.


I promised to bear him a child. However, I could not. I wanted to live being a virgin woman. Therefore, I refused him. He turned against me. As God could not take back his gift, he punished me by making it so that nobody would heed my warnings. Believe me,, believe me?. Yours king, Agamemnon will be murdered within some times?.Don?t ignore me as a lunatic as usual. I couldn?t save my city, my family. Troy was doomed. Countless time before and during the Trojan War I predicted what would come in the war, but no one believed me. I predicted the fateful occurrence, I ran around the ramparts of the city crying, and spouting oracles, that no one understood. I wanted to destroy Paris,, I forbade them not to accept Helen as the ?Helen of Troy?. Troy would burn for them. None heard me. Most people considered me insane and tried to subdue me. People laughed at me in disbelief. ...read more.


Shall I gain a heavenly peace after death??? Oh!! Why I wanted this power?? It is nothing but a life of hell. So many violence scenes I have to tolerate. I don?t want this power. Please?.. Take back it. Apollo, certainly you are enjoying my life. Enjoy?enjoy. Hmm!! Only some moments, then everything are finished. It?s time to death. Yet I am so happy because my cursed life is turning into the death. Oh!! Apollo why did you choose me????? What the fates have decreed, cannot be altered even by the divinities. I did not seem to think that life has anything to offer me anymore. I am only 21 but have seen so many things that I have no need to live more. I want to die? Please don?t do this with anyone more..Plzzz?.plzzzzz?intense pain..Oh!!!!! No?.. I cannot?I cannot?Please take it away from my eyes. Finish it,,,finish it. My hand is shaking,,my head is turning round,,Oh!!!!My body is shaking?I cannot.. I want to die,,,the death ,,the death? I want rest from this awful life?..Ohh!!!! No!!! ...read more.

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