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I chose to adapt a love letter, based on Voltaires novel, written by Candide towards his true love, Cunegonde. This gives me the opportunity to focus on the relationship between two characters

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Statement of Intent I chose to adapt a love letter, based on Voltaire's novel, written by Candide towards his true love, Cunegonde. This gives me the opportunity to focus on the relationship between two characters, grasping the passion and fervor that is not exceptionally evident in the novel. In addition, I can explore deeper into the characters of Candide and Cunegonde by reflecting their differing personalities throughout the letters. I intend to portray Candide's belief that Cunegonde is a semi-divine romantic heroine, as he professes his undeniable love for her and continues to worship her as he does in the novel. The letter is written from Candide's point of view, which is ironic because many times, Candide is the sole character that expresses his devotion and love while Cunegonde is off with other men. I wish to incorporate all these aspects of Candide and his perception of Cunegonde in my writing. Since my letter is through the voice of Candide, it is necessary that I portray the more serious side of his character. We know so much about Candide because he is one of the main characters, so I want to focus on his specific qualities including his honesty and good-hearted nature, as well as his commitment to his imagined lover, Cunegonde. ...read more.


This condition cannot be healthy for any gent of my sort, but I find it punishing not to ponder what it may feel like to be hand in hand roaming the streets of the Monsieur castle with the one I miss most. Sometimes my mind rewinds, prevailing the image of our first kiss, and I can remember each specific detail of that day as if it were the only moment left in the world. I recall lifting your hands of heaven up to my eager lips and as the two met, there was a spark that ignited in my heart and continues to beam at rapid rates. There are not words to describe what overwhelming yet fabulous emotions I felt in that instance, and my only desire is that, one day, I will get to relive this moment over again and profess my true affection. This letter may serve to do that to some degree, but there is nothing finer than hearing from the real man himself. My expressions will then become evident, and the reality of love will rise to the surface. My hope that this will come in the very near future allows me to sleep peacefully at night. I do not want to drag on my professions, for I want to save those for later, but instead I will tell you my present whereabouts. ...read more.


Our separation is painful, but each and every day that passes leading me one step closer to the extremity of my journey and closer to where you, my love, await. Remain faithful to our connection. Sincerely, Candide My Dearest Cunegonde, I write to you once more, because I must inform you of a hardship I am experiencing with my feelings of love. Our separation has been very strenuous and at times I feel the need to rely on others to ease the pain that has been eating me alive. I must confess that one night I was distraught and a woman appeared in my bedroom while at the Bulgar camp. She evoked feelings that reawakened my purpose on earth as if I was capable of loving again. We spent one long night together, and as much as I would like to proclaim that I didn't enjoy our time, I cannot force such words to pour from my lips. This incident has struck me more than you can understand, and I must now explicate my realization. Although I have failed to devote myself entirely to our love, I have decided, that despite my change of heart, it is my duty to marry such a fine woman, one who should not be left to live aloof. I am confident that our relationship will persist despite any flaws that have ensued. Cunegonde, dearest, you are my destiny, my present, and my future in the end. ...read more.

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