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In the book, Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri signifies the ideas of communications and connections in a relationship by showing the difficulties of the characters lives that lack emotional connections.

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1460424 1460424 Mrs. Barber November 10, 2012 IB English SL 1 To What Extent do all People Require Emotional Connections to Their Surroundings? Love is a strong and beautiful emotion, and everybody learn to love from the moment they step into the world. Before people can love, they must feel emotionally attached to that person or thing around them. When two people become emotionally connected, they care for and accept each other no matter what. Emotional connections require people to communicate and express their feelings. It takes effort and time for individuals to be emotionally connected. Individuals must trust the other person not to hurt them emotionally, and they need to spend quality time with each other. In the book, Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri signifies the ideas of communications and connections in a relationship by showing the difficulties of the characters? lives that lack emotional connections. The protagonists in the short stories, ?Interpreter of Maladies? and ?Treatment of Bibi Haldar,? both are struggling due to their loveless lives. ...read more.


Anyone can argue that no man likes Bibi because she is not as pretty as the other women in town. In spite of that, it is requisite for Bibi to learn how to communicate and express herself, rather than worrying about being pretty because physical attraction does not last as long as emotional connections. Everyone gets older, and his or her beauty will fades away, unlike emotional connections that will stay with the person forever. Other than that, Lahiri?s message is delivered to the readers after Bibi gives birth to her baby, and she is cured from her mental sickness. She finally has someone to love, and someone that will love her. Even though humans always want to feel love and want to be with the person they love, many people end up being in a loveless relationship. In ?Interpreter of Maladies,? Lahiri focuses on flawed relationships and difficulty of communication. She conveys the readers that without emotional connections people can misinterpret a situation which can lead into a disappointment because they do not fully understand each other. ...read more.


Das. His hope flies away because he learns that Mrs. Das is only interested in his ability to interpret people?s maladies. The readers and Mr. Kapasi realizes at the same time that he is blinded by his own lust. Lahiri shows how no one is there for him by saying that only he can sees the slip of paper going away. He is drag into a big disappointment because he is not able to connect and communicate with Mrs. Das. The misinterpretation would not have occurred if Mr. Kapasi?s wife gave him more love and attention. He only wishes for someone he can be emotionally connected with. In conclusion, Lahiri has shown the readers that emotional connection is a big part of human?s life. Both characters in Interpreter of Maladies suffer emotional pain because love and appreciation are missing from their lives. Many people, without the understanding of emotional connection, approach love by getting into relationships. Most of these relationships are not healthy and stable because the relationships lack true emotional connections. Emotional connections are incredibly important because they tie people to their surroundings and make people feel complete; knowing that there is always someone who will loves and understands them. ...read more.

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