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In the Outsider and the Metamorphosis, the central characters are indicted by the Universal Pragmatics of society.

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In the Outsider and the Metamorphosis, the central characters are indicted by the Universal Pragmatics of society. The Universal Pragmatics are the formal and necessary conditions for an understanding through communication. 1 This is seen as the accepted means of communicating in society, in which ones demeanor is judged on their understandability. Furthermore, this understandability is deemed as intelligent and true. These ways of communication serve as a basis for what our society acclaims as acceptable. Gregor and Meursault distinctively choose an unconventional path, which stand to question the underpinnings of our humanity. In this distinctive way, they stand perpendicular to what our society has commended as the right way and choose a diverse manner of adapting to the external world. The purpose of this essay is to examine the ways that these central characters commune in their environments. In a practical sense, both central protagonists are directly inclined with the physical world, as a means of communication. Meursault, in the Outsider, reacts in a practical manner to the events in his day, rather than being effected by emotional tribulations. Emotion is something that is not ascertained, and cannot be proven in any physical manner. "I could feel my eyes getting tired watching the street like this with its mass of people and lights. ...read more.


5 He almost immediately takes a dislike for this woman, who has attached herself to a woman that she does not even know. Meursault rejects this way of expressing emotion because he sees no substantial gain. He does not understand why these people come from all over, sitting in mourn over a dead body, which is "getting on [his] nerves". Meursault also resists complying with the vices in society. At his mothers mourning, he drinks coffee. Generally, coffee allows individuals to endure times of stress, and keep them awake. However, Meursault does not abide by these terms, instead "it was nice, the coffee had warmed me up and through the open door I could smell flowers in the night air. I think I dozed off for a while." 6 He has complete disregard for what society deems as important and is solely interested in his physical matters. After the transformation, Gregor does not comply with the accepted values in society. Gregor used to enjoy foods such as bread and milk, however, he began to loathe them "and turned away from the bowl with repulsion" 7 However, he begins to develop a taste for spoiled foods, which we generally would throw away. ...read more.


"The only oasis of silence was just next to me where the young man and the little old lady were gazing at each other" 11 . Throughout this section, he is focused upon the communication that this couple is having, because he is feeling rather ill due to the noise around him. In his conversation with Marie, he was merely talking to keep her there longer, for he enjoyed her comfort visually. Gregor is also attracted to the sounds of music that come from his sister when she is playing the violin. This music is able to communicate to him. Through his transformation, he loses his ability to talk with his family and understand them; however, the music from the violin does not leave Gregor. Shortly after this encounter, Gregor has realized that he is unimportant to his family, and that he will not change back to be of aid. This realization drains his will and he succumbs to an injury that he received from his father throwing an apple at him. In these novels, the defiance of conforming to the Universal Pragmatics questions our liability towards this convention. In our society's perspective, we believe that a certain demeanor of communication helps to justify one's credibility. These are seen as sources of intelligence. However, these characters have risen above the ignorance in society by being different, and challenging these Universal Pragmatics. ...read more.

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