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In the short story Save as Many as You Ruin we hear about Gerard. He has a daughter, Lucy, whose mother, Issy, died years prior

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Mie Frost, s13Alssundgymnasiet, Engelsk A23/11/12 Save as Many as You Ruin ________________ In the short story ?Save as Many as You Ruin? we hear about Gerard. He has a daughter, Lucy, whose mother, Issy, died years prior to when the story takes place. Gerard is no saint and has made many mistakes in his life. He is still recovering from his biggest, when he sees her ? the love of his life and the biggest mistake. The themes and topics being discussed in the text include losing and finding love, coincidences, making mistakes and being a spectator in life. Gerard is a man of many thoughts. He thinks about life and how short and insignificant it is. ?Gerard thinks of his own footprints and how soon they will disappear. He exhales into the world and his breath disappears. (?) He wonders if his life is an extraordinary one? He can name every mistake he has made and he is wondering if he is making the best of his life, but he doesn?t seem to be active in doing anything about making amends. ...read more.


This also underlines how much he values her being born, in spite of what it cost him. He doesn?t wish to lose her like he once lost Laurel. The memories connected to Laurel are happy and sad. It is a symbol of Gerard?s regret of ruining his chances with Laurel, when it was just so perfect. ?Hetherington ran in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He won a medal. Hitler watched. Millions were about to be killed as a teenage Hetherington crossed the finish line? Simon Van Booy, the author, uses the weather to describe the mood; especially the snow is used for underlining the intensity of the situation. When he sees her in a line in a shop, the snow has become a blizzard ? suddenly things happen very slowly. You can see the impression of slow motion because the author has decided to spend ten lines describing a moment that lasts only five seconds. The author uses flashback to travel quickly through Gerard?s life, which is creating some sort of insignificance that he expresses his fear of in the beginning of the story. ...read more.


Imaginary in the sense that he is feeling guilt towards Issy and Laurel because he feels like that what he is about to begin with Laurel is like the affair he had with Issy ? which ended tragically. He is afraid of losing Laurel, the love of his life, like he lost Issy. As a conclusion you can say that Gerard is a man whose life has been controlled by the mistakes he has made in his past, and these mistakes have made him passive in his present life. However, the mistake of cheating on Laurel did bring a positive thing with it: Lucy, his beautiful daughter. This contradiction is one of the most significant contrasts in the story. But at the time these mistakes leads him to the revelation in the end. He realizes that all things happen for a reason. When Gerard sees Laurel in the shopping line he gets his chance to make amends and fix the relationship with her. He can get the love of his life back. The author uses the weather, flashbacks and slow motion to set the mood in the story. You especially see this when he has to describe Gerard?s feeling towards Laurel. ...read more.

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