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Kite Runner. The opening scene of Khaled Hosseinis Kite Runner plays a significant role in setting the tone for the whole novel by giving the readers a glimpse of the major themes of the novel

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Kite runner Significance of Chapter 1 Analysis of a key passage The opening scene of Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner plays a significant role in setting the tone for the whole novel by giving the readers a glimpse of the major themes of the novel, which are redemption, sin, guilt, loyalty, betrayal and friendship. The technique of foreshadowing has been effectively used in order to present to the readers a small prospect of the novel, along with making the readers curious to find out as to what is going to happen next. The first chapter also suggests that the past consisted of a certain incident which played a major role in twisting the life of the narrator. The narrator speaks about his past and therefore the technique of a flashback has been used. This gives the reader a very strong feeling of mystery and ambiguity, and coerces the reader to read on. The author has also presented to the readers the period of time when the narrator was residing in Afghanistan. The year 1975, twenty six years back, was the time when the life of the narrator reached a milestone of his life. The time is probably given such importance in order to convey to the readers as to how long the narrator has tried ...read more.


The opening scene also describes the site where the incident of Hassan's rape took place, "crouching behind a crumbling mud wall, peeking into the alley near the frozen creek". This shows the readers the significance of the event and the degree of importance in Amir's life, since he remembers such minute details of the dreadful scene he saw. It also stands as a symbol of Amir's mindset, his soul shattering like the "crumbling mud wall" because of his sins. The significance of the winter scene is understood later on in the novel when learn that Hassan was born in winter. The atmosphere of a winter setting presents a very negative connotation and makes the atmosphere very gloomy, depressing and dull. This could probably have been shown to foreshadow the monotonous life that Hassan would have to live. The event of Hassan's rape also occurred in winter, and the memory was frozen in Amir's mind for the past 25 years with no success of being able to forget it. The physical descriptions are not only to set the atmosphere of the novel but to also depict the mindset of the narrator. The first chapter of the novel has also the introductions of the main characters in the novel, the sources that lead to the development of the protagonist's character, i.e. ...read more.


of his best friend Hassan, and the cowardice of Amir made him betray his best friend by not standing up for him and protecting him as he simply "peeked" at his friend getting mercilessly raped. Another aspect of Amir's character has been portrayed in the opening scene, which is that Amir had kept the guilt hidden in himself for such a long period of time and did not take any action towards redemption. The thought of redemption only came to his mind after Amir found out that Rahim Khan knew of his terrible sins and after Rahim Khan coaxed him to return to Afghanistan for his opportunity to "be good again". This shows that Amir's cowardice and betrayal had taken over his self respect, self realization, integrity and the emotions of friendship and regret and 'made him what he is today', a cowardly human being who is running away from the truth of his life. The opening scene is presented in short, though appropriately and powerfully, using the technique of foreshadowing and presenting to the readers the main themes of betrayal, guilt, loyalty and redemption along with portraying the major characters of the novel. The opening scene prepares the readers very well for the remarkable story which is about to unfold. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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