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Mexican Cuisine

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(11) -Report Mexican cuisine reflects the country. Mexican foods shape the culture of the country and around the world. There are many traditional types of Mexican foods that are known worldwide. The conquest of Mexico in 1521 gave the world what is one of the richest cuisine today. When the Spanish explorer Cortez came to Mexico to search for fortune, he found chocolate, peanuts, vanilla, beans, squash, avocados, coconuts, corn and tomatoes. So, now Mexican cuisine is a style of food that is originated in Mexico with a Spanish influence. Mexican cuisine is known for it richness in color and flavour and variety of spices. Mexican food varies by region, because of local and geography and ethnic differences. The country Mexico is surrounded by an ocean, so you can imagine that a lot of seafood would be involved with the Mexican cuisine. ...read more.


Wheat flour tortillas are eaten during the meal and for dessert, Quince paste; fruit preserves and candy creams are served. Baja California is located right by the coastal waters, which has advantage to over 650 different species of marine life. They use these marine lives to make clambake with aromatic herbs. They also like to eat tacos stuffed with steaks and shellfish stuffed chilli peppers are passed around and wine to top off the meal. The Central Plains, basically the Altiplanos dishes are made with "imported" food. The 12 states that make up the Altiplano are famous for their snacks. Salsa is served as a sauce to fish or they are mixed with cheese, beans and onions for enchilada, soft tacos, and used as a tortilla stuffing for tacos. Salsa is very popular around world, maybe even more popular than ketchup! ...read more.


Around 2 and 4 pm, you would eat comida. Comida is considered the main meal of the day which can include several courses such as soup, salad, a main dish and desert. Comida is often served with fruit flavoured water known as aqua fresca. The final meal of the day is cena. Cena can usually just have a hot drink and some bread or it can be a small meal consisting of maybe tacos. Mexican cuisine is a natural, flavourful, colourful made with seasonal produce, and always fresh. But Mexican cuisine should not be mistaken with North American Mexican-style fast food like Taco Bell. It's not the same. Spanish influences who have settled in Mexico since the 16th century played a role to create a unique and tasty cuisine. Till this day millions of people around the world enjoy Mexican food every day. Overall, Mexicans are very proud of their cuisine. ...read more.

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